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Rushing about

It’s been a while since I posted a Sinful Sunday image. Essentially I ran out of photos and neither of us has been in the mood to create new ones. Sometimes it’s good to take a break. Right now we are on holiday in Spain and are beginning to amass some new stock (as it were). It’s prompt week and it would be nice if I had something that met the criteria of an extreme angle, but I don’t. Instead I give you this rather blurry but wonderful image taken by Master.

I was fresh out of the shower dashing between the bedroom and bathroom when he took this photo.

Since we are on holiday and this was taken in our apartment in Bilbao there is no need for me to hurry, but yes, I am rushing about. I’m also linking this to Violet Fawkes’ Blog Days of Summer. I plan to post much more this month even though I’ll mostly be writing in hotel rooms and Airbnbs, at least until the middle of the month.

A rather blurry back view of me naked, I'm moving between one room and another. My front view is reflected in a mirror.

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