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Writing and my love of stationery

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“Between my finger and my thumb the squat pen rests; snug as a gun.” – Seamus Heaney

I’m not sure about the gun bit, but I certainly love the feel of a pen between my finger and thumb. I like to write in long hand with a real pen. Preferably in a different colour to black or blue and definitely on some nice stationery. Damn it, I love Stationery.

A life of writing

Has taken its toll on my hand. I’m left handed and in order to sit straight or write straight my little finger rubs on the paper. I now have a lovely nodule on my joint and another swelling on my first finger. My left hand is a bit of a mess, and I’m not sure if a lifetime of writing is to blame. But I will continue to write with a pen for as long as my hand will allow it.

Lists and plans

I have an electronic diary which is linked up to Masters. Currently too there is a work calendar, and they all show up on my screen to make sure I don’t double book myself. Not that it always stops me! But when it comes to lists and plans, they are all handwritten. Electronic lists are only there for if I will need a link or something when I’m out with just my phone. Even then my shopping list is hand written.

It’s June and I’m still using my planner (just about). This may be the longest so far I’ve kept one going, though there are gaps. Work has been too busy and the tasks right now repetitive and not worth writing down. But soon there will be some summer holiday planning to do. Plus, I am back blogging and so will need to list post ideas.

Give me stationery, the brighter and more glorious the better

I like colour on my page. So I write in different colours depending on my mood, or how much I need things to stand out. I buy lots of pens and notebooks of all sizes. I have almost filled an A4 notebook since returning to work in January. Previously I had one for my test and trace work. But also I have numerous others for whatever takes my mood. I’m learning French and have made copious notes in an A5 notebook. Using different colours to denote verbs, prepositions, tenses, you name it. The book is filling up and needs some reordering. I can feel a new purchase coming on. France is a great place for buying new note books, they sell them with the trademark squares on each page. I have a couple of them and intend to find more on my next trip. Damn I am a stationery freak.


But having said that I’d never have kept a journal for as long as I’ve had this blog. Indeed I have never kept a diary going for longer than a few weeks or maybe a couple of months. This online medium is great for all kinds of sharing. But also keeping a record in one place. I’m grateful to my 49 year old self for setting this blog up and to my 58 year old self for keeping it going. Even through the lean times there is a wealth of events, experiences and feelings to look back on and review.

So my ideas live on the physical page but my stories, real and fictional live here.

4 thoughts on “Writing and my love of stationery”

  1. I have a bunch of different coloured pens! Blue Red and Black are standard, but I also have green, teal, light and dark purple, a baby blue, orange and pink! I love love love coloured pens!

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