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Slaves don’t have limits

It’s a while since I wrote a No True Way post. Well anything at all really. Predictably after the flurry of activity that was the April blogging A-Z, I ran out of steam. Work is busy and is taking much of my weekday energy. But also I just haven’t been feeling it, I don’t know when I last posted a Sinful Sunday image. I hope to change all that in June, because that means Every Damn Day in June. I plan to give it a go. This year Molly is hosting and when the link up goes up I’ll link to this post.

Anyway back to NTW and slaves. Is the difference between slaves and submissives really that slaves have no limits? I don’t think that’s the case at all. I have limits, everyone does, when it comes to life in general and relationships specifically. One of the aspects specific to our M/s relationship is that I have given my limits to Master. But that only happened after he knew where my thoughts and feelings on a large number if things. In short I trust him not to put me or him in danger, not to cause me harm and not to ask me to do things he knows that I deeply don’t want to.

That doesn’t mean he doesn’t push me to do things I’d rather not but that he things I’ll enjoy or will be good for me. In general I tend not to resist (too strongly). This arrangement has made it easier for me since I don’t need to make decisions especially when it comes to play. But equally there are times when he tells me his plans even if I can’t and won’t object.

Some D/s relationships are more strict than our M/s one. We tend to ebb and flow in ours. But ultimately Master has the last word around here. Plus this dynamic doesn’t start and end, it just is. But if you met us, other than my collar you might not be able to tell anything about our dynamic. In the end rules and how relationships function are about the people involved. Hopefully through negotiated agreements of what is expected on both sides. Our relationship is M/s rather than D/s because that’s what we have agreed and is what we want. Whether I have limits or not has no bearing on that.

2 thoughts on “Slaves don’t have limits”

  1. Your relationship is just your relationship. No matter how you name them, and no matter how you classify them, they will always be unique. This principle applies to all couples. Everyone may have something in common. But there will always be differences.

  2. Isn’t it strange at times how people draw up the lines? D/s is this or that…M/s is this or that…None are better or worse than the other. Master in our relationship decides what’s important to Him. Just today on twitter mouse confessed that she has a potty mouth…with some Masters or Doms that would never that fly. Yet, Master really doesn’t mind it (though He will tell mouse to simmer down), and still our Master/slave dynamic is centered around consensual/non-consent which is something that makes some people absolutely crazy.

    Oh well…


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