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Thoughts on Desire

“To burn with desire and keep quiet about it is the greatest punishment we can bring on ourselves” – Federico Garcia Lorco

This is a post of two halves. About the desire to blog and then my desire for him and he for me.

Blogging lull

I started May with good intentions. Then work got busy and my desire to blog went with it. So apologies for not getting very far with 30 days of sex positivity. It was nothing personal and I’m sure if I’d had the brain space I would have cracked on. But anyway I’m here now for a Quote Quest post.

It’s now 6 months since we went into the most recent lockdown. Our inability to go places and do stuff was really getting to me. Outside spaces for eating and drinking opened up in April, but the weather hasn’t been like last spring. Looking back we were so lucky. We may have been confined but at least we could sit outside without a coat on. I think my lack of desire for blogging and having sex were influenced by the disappointment I have felt. I’m enjoying work but it is busy with deadline after deadline. The money is good and I like seeing my bank balance rise, but it is tiring. I look forward to a long summer break from mid July onwards. Whether we can spend it in France remains to be seen.

That’s why we organised the first (hopefully) of short breaks to keep us going. I’m writing this post from an apartment on the South Coast of England and rejoice in the fact I feel better. Over the past 2 days we’ve walked our feet off. We’ve seen and smelt the sea, climbed to see beautiful views and walked amongst a ruined castle. Also we’ve eaten out twice. The first night I enjoyed my fish and chips but was freezing cold. So we’ve opted for lunch out and then the evening in the comfort of this lovely flat. I’m also feeling the desire to write again, so hopefully there will be more even after I get home.

My desire for him and his for me

I think he burns with desire for me most of the time. It isn’t that I don’t also desire him, but he is better at showing and describing it. I also have less need to touch his body all the time. Instead my desires remain within me and my sub conscious. Master though would like to constantly touch his property.

This break away and the time we have to do little or nothing made me want his too this morning. Just as well as returning from the loo he instructed me to suck his cock. He was slightly salty but a joy to suck. I breathed in the aroma of him and realised how much I have been missing this feeling of overt desire.

That I sit here now thoroughly fucked and can still feel my orgasm is a testament to the way he makes me feel. Not only when he is inside me, or stroking my body but just knowing that he wants me so much. He calls me his best fuck and that is an ego boost if ever there was one. The feeling is reciprocated, though my back catalogue is must smaller than his.

There is definitely something about routine and confinement that affects your libido, we have both felt it. Getting away feels like the release it really has been. Hopefully this is the start of a great summer of freedom, sex and desire.

This is what Freedom looks like!

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Desire”

  1. Monotony can definitely sap the life out of us…especially when there is no end in sight. Yesterday, in the town over, I witnessed a busy farmers market, people everywhere, sun, flowers, color, and it felt like coming out of hibernation. I felt energy surge. I’m hoping that soon, vaccinations will lead to more normalcy. We are in deep need of it.

    I tend to do as you, keep my desires to myself. This is a great quote, because it points out how damaging that can be…to both parties.

  2. Freedom looks great. You feel it especially sharply after the imprisonment in which we have been immersed all this time. I hope that summer will be even more beautiful and freer than this spring.

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