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Thoughts on pubic hair

I have written comprehensively on my thoughts on pubic hair a few times. Firstly in 2016 when it was a Kink of the Week. As I mention in the post, while the idea of having a bare pussy appeals, keeping it that way is a faff. Left to my own devices I only really get down to hair removal in preparation for summer. My hair tends to grow down my legs if I don’t give some attention to it.

When I was with Steve, he liked me to have shaved and for a while I enjoyed doing so for him. The long periods between our meetings helped as I wasn’t constantly shaving or applying hair removal creams. Master has different ideas. He likes a landing strip at the least. He also likes to shave me.

More recently I wrote about the idea that women of a certain age shouldn’t shave their pussy. You can read my thoughts on that here.

I’ve not written about my preferences for my partner. I am pretty open minded about hair on Master, he has lots around his cock and balls. I do like it when he shaves his ball area as that makes it pleasant to lick and suck. But in general I don’t mind either way. In fact I think hair on a man is attractive.


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