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30 days of Sex Positivity

No one can say that I am not a glutton for a challenge. Straight from the April Blogging A-Z Challenge, I’m rolling into 30 days of Sex Positivity. This started yesterday over on Breaking Away from Monogamy, so of course I’m straight into a 2 in one situation. But I’m fairly sure that won’t matter. Daily prompts will appear here. So let’s get straight to the action.

Day 1

May is usually a lean month for me after the excitement and pressure of the blogging A-Z for April. I’m joining in to try to keep my momentum going.

But not just that. I am passionate about sex positivity with a particular focus on making sure the voice of the older person is heard. After all most young people (myself included when I was younger) think sex is just for the young. But shocking as it might seem, us middle aged people have sex too. What’s more I’ve had more and better sex in my 50’s than I dreamed possible in my 30’s or 40’s. Hopefully though I can explore new ideas and read the posts of other participants. Find out a bit about what makes everyone tick when it comes to sex.

Day 2

Well, what a question! It might look simple, but the answer definitely won’t be.

Sex to me is anything that involves getting or feeling aroused. That, I guess includes solo masturbation, with our without toys. I hesitate because it’s a while since I’ve had to rely on myself to provide sexual stimulation and gratification. But do remember those days when that seemed all there was. Even though I was married at the time.

Sex with another human being for me is far far better. Especially when you are with the right partner. Our sex life might not be on fire right now, in terms of frequency. But boy do we make up for it when we get our thing going. For us it isn’t just about the pleasure received but given too. Mutual satisfaction with Master feels better than anything I’ve experienced alone. Which I guess goes back to why I have hesitated to call solo experiences sex. Even though they clearly are.

We are currently monogamous, but there is something about watching others have sex that is arousing and can lead to arousal in you.

In the right places being open to new sexual experiences, witnessing what sex for others is about it enlightening. Because even at my mature age I’m open to learning and experiencing new things. Maybe sex is whatever you want it to be given the right circumstances.

I sense that I’ll get much deeper into this topic in the coming days!

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