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Blogging A-Z Challenge 2021: Zigzagging to the end

Photo by Belinda Fewings on Unsplash

Zigzagging you say? You haven’t even written a Y word yet! True and here I am zigzagging around with both Y and Z. Work is quite intense and involves a lot of time in front of a screen. Much more than when I previously worked for a living. Meetings are in front of a screen and then there is all the reports I’m writing. This means I don’t feel inclined to move straight on to writing on the blog. Still, with this post I’m made it to the end of the challenge and on the right day too.

You and me

I think that one of the greatest pleasures of my 50’s has been finding you and discovering all that you can give me. Love, kink, Mastery, education and knowledge. Plus a very very good time doing all the things we love. our lives may have been a little constrained over the past year, but we have got through it. You and I don’t always see eye to eye in all things. But that is part of what makes life fun, that we can agree and disagree and not have a big fight about it. Though these days I’m more likely to walk away from an argument that I was in the past.

Maybe that’s what makes relationships that start later in life better. Well for me anyway. I definitely have more patience. But then I have fewer responsibilities and less pressure than I ever had before in my adult life. The fact that I can rely on another person in the way I do with you has been enlightening and also refreshing. I’ve had to learn to accept that you can and should take the lead but it has made me a happier person.


So I’ve come to the end of this A-Z on age and ageing. I’ve zigzagged through without properly planning, as usual. But I think I’ve covered some interesting and useful topics. Even if they sometimes have only been loosely related to age at all. But that’s the joy of the A-Z challenge, anything goes.

I won’t bother to say I’m not doing this again, because I probably will. Till April 2022, I’m zigzagging out the door!

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