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The thing I’m most proud of

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This is my next Obscene Ideas prompt, a series of posts designed to get me thinking more deeply about our life and lifestyle. I am proud of lots of things, but today I am most proud of this blog.

9 years ago on 21st April 2012 I started this blog over on blogger. It was called World of Joolz, because that was my nickname at that time. I’d just begun seeing a new Dominant and life was suddenly fun and exciting. After reading blogs by other submissives I decided to take the plunge and start my own. This is the most successful and long-lasting diary I’ve ever written.

Some facts and figures

Apparently this is the 2001st post that I’ve written (according to WordPress), though there are only 1479 posts actually published. Stuff has been lost or removed along the way. Mainly I think in the great blog disaster of 2017. Plus a couple of years in a row I started a 365, prompt a day thing and got bored with the questions. They were so bad that some have been removed. Until this month, my highest ever visitor count was in November 2019. This month looks set to beat that, so go me.

But it isn’t and never was about visitors and views. Though it is lovely to know people visit and to have comments etc. That first year I wrote 220 posts, some better than others. That’s for sure. But most importantly I started as I meant to go on and tried to be open and honest. To write about the things that mattered to me, about my thoughts and feelings. My most prolific year for writing was 2014, the year Master and I got together. There was never any thought of hiding this blog from him and he has read every post. Some many times.

What to write about?

That first year I wrote a lot because a lot happened. New love, polyamory, struggles with his overbearing other slave, death, trying to end a marriage. You name it, I’ve written about it. memes have kept me going. I struggle to think up new topics, which isn’t surprising. Our life has settled into routine and damn it a pandemic struck wiping out most of the excitement we had enjoyed. But as people have often told me, revisiting old topics isn’t exactly repetition since they tend to have some new perspective.

Some months have been quiet here but I’ve always written something. That’s something I’m very proud of and am keen to continue.

I’m most comfortable writing about myself and my experiences. But I will write about topics I don’t know much about if I can find a good angle. Fiction is something I’ve explored and would like to write more of, but it takes more effort. My most popular posts are about female chastity. Which is crazy as I’ve never tried it for myself. But I do have a bit of a kink about chastity belts and piercings so something obviously resonates. This post is my most successful ever and it is viewed pretty much every day. I’ve got some more fiction about this topic ready.

The blog and our relationship

As I mentioned above Master reads this blog. Not only the new posts, but old ones too. He loves to photograph me and for me to put those images up on the blog. It’s funny because I never really intended to use my own images. Indeed early posts often carried no photo at all.

Over time We’ve used the blog as a means of being able to discuss topics that are difficult. At the same time I have worried about being inhibited by posting them here knowing he will read it. But in the main I think I am pretty good at judging the right amount of information to share and to keep private.

Reading the blog will give you and insight into our life. Of the things we get up to and some of the struggles. But of course this is only part of the story. Our daily life would be far too dull to share and any way we have to have some privacy!

Writing about Breast Cancer was probably the most difficult and personal thing. But also the most important topic I’ve had to cover. From the beginning I decided that if I could write about the good times, then the bad times had to feature too.

The future

I plan to keep going for as long as I feel inclined to write. That will likely be a long time to come. I would like to go back and repurpose some of the older stuff and to link it better to more recent posts. Maybe update with the benefit of hindsight. That will then stop me actually repeating myself, and I know I do that. It’s hard not to.

I’ll also keep writing as long as people read. While I said at the start it isn’t about the number of people that read the blog. I actually do like to interact through this place as well as on Twitter. But if no one came I think I would struggle to keep going. It’s a fact.

Thank you to everyone who has read my blog and who will perhaps read this and other posts in the future. I’m a sex blogger and I’m very proud of that fact.

Your thoughts are always welcome

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