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Blogging A-Z Challenge 2021: Reality

Aging is real and it certainly is my reality. When I look in the mirror these days I see a middle aged woman looking back at me. It’s a bit of a shock to be honest, as in many ways I feel no different to to the person I was at say 30. But of course the reality is I am older and hopefully wiser. I am keen to keep doing the things I like to do for as long as I can. Along with the things I don’t like but know I must. The only things I’ve stopped doing are the things I consider not to be worthwhile.

Things I like to do

I love to walk to and around places. I’d walk more but if Master struggles to see the purpose or a pub at the end, he isn’t all that keen on a walk. When we are away and there is plenty of history and culture to examine, then that’s a different matter. Of course I prefer those walks too. My other favourite source of exercise is swimming and thankfully looks have reopened and swimming can happen again. Its weird really because I hate most ritualised exercise, but don’t mind swimming. Up and down the lanes is fine for me, I find it empties my mind and invigorates my body.

I love to cook. Sadly I have less opportunity to cook for others (except Master) these days. But I enjoy trying out new recipes and making up my own. I can’t stand eating the same food in the same way over and over. Despite having tons of recipe books I often find new recipes online. I have a whole bunch saved and do go back to them, especially bread. I mainly use my bread maker for the mixing and kneading these days then cook it in the oven. I’ve discovered my French bread tastes better than the shop bought stuff (especially in England).

I also love to read, I’ve been rediscovering a bit of D/s and M/s fiction again recently. But I’m pretty sure I’ll be back to crime fiction quite soon. Our book club is reading the true crime book In Cold Blood at the moment and I am quite enjoying it. Apparently that book is thought to be the first true crime book of its kind and set the scene for what has come since. Master is a man of many books and can regularly be found with his nose in one. So often of an afternoon we can both be found reading.

Things I am not keen on but do anyway

Dieting comes top of the list. I have to watch what I eat and drink because if I don’t I put on weight. These days that leads me not to be able to do the things I like comfortably. I love to be able to dash about and walk long distances. But when I am too fat I get breathless and achy. It’s a reality and so I have to keep trying the weight loss thing. It works well for a while and then I relapse and then of course repeat.

This last lockdown has resulted in an overweight and lazy me. So a couple of weeks ago I finally got down to business. Thankfully a group of friends I met through my Track and Trace job decided to do the same and we are busy encouraging each other through our WhatsApp group. It is certainly proving more successful than 8 years at slimming world.

Exercise is a key change for me this time. The food part is usually reasonable but I need motivation to move about. I’ve discovered a great fitness video app and I’m actually loving it. Doing exercise is one of the things I hate, not because it’s hard, though sometimes it is. But because it takes time when I could be doing something else. But these videos start at 10 or so minutes and go up to hour long. I am currently choosing about 15 minute ones and so can mix them up a bit. For the first time in years I am doing them before work (granted I do work from home).

Which takes me to work. I really didn’t want to work anymore after I retired, but here I am doing it. It’s working out well because I’m doing the hours I want, am doing work I know about and enjoy. But I don’t have the responsibilities that made me give up. Plus it’s pretty well paid and so I’m saving for when we can get away on holidays again. Which hopefully won’t be too long.

Things I’ve stopped doing

In the main this involves me not bothering with people who aren’t bothered with me. Plus people who only take and never give. I guess my kind nature caused me to have a few of those in my life. I’ve stopped worrying about things I can’t change and started just to live for myself and my relationship. That has reduced my external focus, but stood me in good stead for a year of lockdown.

Thankfully I’ve stopped hearing from and seeing my ex so much. He used to constantly message me. I’ve also stopped being an intermediary between him and my son, they are adults and can sort themselves out. My ex often asks if I’ve seen my son and how he is. These days I tell him to ring and ask, honestly!

So funnily enough the things I’ve stopped doing list is the shortest, so yay. Keep doing what you like and do a bit of what does you good. Maybe that’s the secret to long life?

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