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Blogging A-Z Challenge 2021: Giving Pain

“Pleasure is sweetest when ’tis paid for by another’s pain.” – Ovid

I am lying on my front. Master has placed his newest toy, a taws between my buttocks and legs.

Last week was Master’s birthday. He asked for nothing from me for his birthday other than the opportunity to give me pain. I bought him some cheese, which we enjoyed over the Easter weekend. I also gave him my body so that he could have fun with it.

On another birthday a few years ago he took me to a dungeon for an overnight stay. It was amazing, the outside jacuzzi was the highlight for me. I think we used it 3 times, the last time in the morning before we left. he definitely enjoyed that bit, but the highlight for him was inflicting pain on me.

This time there was no such opportunity so he set up his equipment in our bedroom. I could hear him pottering around upstairs while I was blogging or reading on the sofa downstairs. Finally he summoned me up and I stripped off, next he tied me to the bed face down. Using a variety of his favourite implements including a new one purchased on our trip to a kink market before lockdown in December Master provided me with 61 strokes, each with a variety of implements and 20 with the one shown above.

For me there is pain in pleasure, up to a point. By the 264th I was getting to the end of my tolerance. I suspect he could have carried on. He is the sadist and I am something of a masochist, to a point. But he says he only enjoys being that sadist with someone who enjoys receiving pain. I am a willing recipient and happy to oblige his needs.

In recent times we have always gone out for playtime. Occasionally to dungeons for the opportunity of a wider range of equipment. But more usually to kink clubs. I really do like the public playtimes, something I never expected. But I am probably more of an exhibitionist than I am a masochist. One seems to help the other along. Meanwhile, I think that providing a public spectacle is quite the motivator for him too. He loves to show off his armoury and to talk to others about which object gives the most pain or the better marks.

The absence of opportunities to go out and play over the past year is the reason my tolerance for pain has dropped. Last Wednesday was the first time we’ve got round to it at home during that whole year. And since we don’t know when we can go to a club again, hopefully his birthday fun will motivate him on. Especially as the 61 lashings was followed by our first anal sex in a very long time.

I think his birthday provided some sweet pleasure! This photo, shared last Sunday was also taken that day.

This post is written for Quote Quest and Kink of the Week. It also fits nicely into the Blogging A-Z Challenge. Click below to see who else is joining in.

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