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Blogging A-Z Challenge 2021: Erotic Fiction

I am quite discerning in my choices when it comes to erotic fiction, though I do enjoy reading it. For a start I’m no fan of the novelette. I prefer a story I can properly get into. Also it mustn’t take place entirely in the bedroom, dungeon etc. The story needs to be some how believable, taking account of fantasy elements and the sexual positions possible. I also want to get to know the characters and their lives, but I would. prefer they weren’t really young. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a hot romance with the characters in their teens or 20’s (as long as they are over the age of consent). But as an older woman I want people closer in age to me.

There lies the problem, those kind of books are hard to come by. Especially since I have the other requirements listed above. None of these things stop me searching for and reading erotic fiction, particularly those with a BDSM element or over tone. That is, after all where I started in this lifestyle. Below I have listed some books that I enjoyed along with caveats / minor irritations.

In His Silks, Patricia D Eddie

This is the book I read most recently. It is set in Boston where Elizabeth, an accountant just sacked from her job(literally) falls at the feet of billionaire British business man Alexander. It turns out she is being framed as her company has been overcharging clients for their tax bills. Alexander is taken with Elizabeth from the start and begins to pursue her. While she is drawn to him, Elizabeth has massive trust issues and finds him controlling. She struggles to allow him into her life. Predictably he is a dominant and he identifies her as submissive, though she struggles to admit it. Elizabeth’s former employers are so desperate to shut her up that they try to kill her twice. Unsuccessfully of course.

I actually like the characters for all of the predictability – Billionaire falls for down on her luck submissive. I like that she is a strong independent woman, but a bit irritated that this trait will make her the best submissive. The bedroom scenes were fun, he loves silk restraints and is a calm and generous lover and dominant. I recognise elements of the training Alexander gives Elizabeth, such as orgasm control and the fine line between pain and pleasure. Both characters are around 35, it would have been great, given the story if they had been a little older. There are others in the series, but I’m undecided yet whether to read them.

Brie’s Submissive Training Books 1-9, Red Phoenix

I absolutely love the idea of a training centre for submissives and read this series of books in my own early days as a submissive. A man walks into the tobacco shop where Brie lives and along with a huge tip leaves behind a business card for the Submissive Training Centre. So starts an amazing journey for Brie who along the way finds out about sex, kink, dominance and submission. The initial training is 6 weeks but Brie’s life will never be the same again. There is a whole load of fantasy in these books, plus complex characters some of whom hate each other. Red Pheonix has written lots more books after this early series. But I think this first set is the best.

In fact I am minded to read the whole lot again as I can’t remember the individual events that occur along the way. I’ll probably add something in after I have done so. Interestingly the Doms seem much older in the training books than they turn out to be later. I think that’s because of the hierarchal structure of the training. Perhaps that’s one reason I prefer the earlier books. Of course the dominants tend to be rich too. But that’s par for the course.

5 thoughts on “Blogging A-Z Challenge 2021: Erotic Fiction”

  1. If you read Brigit Delaney’s blog, you’ll already know this, but she’s working on an interactive story (she’s asking readers for suggestions re: what happens next) that’s being posted in installments. The characters are older, and she’s taking the time to show a bit about who they are. 🙂

    (She’s also just joined in with the A-to-Z, FYI.)

    Personally, I prefer a bit of eroticism interspersed throughout a story that has a non-erotic story arc. Mysteries or adventure stories are my preference. Throw in some good sex – or even just hint at it – and that’s good for me.

    Unfortunately, when women write stories like that, they get classified as Romance. When men do, they are classified under their primary story genre (Mystery, Sci-Fi, etc.). It’s one of those “little things” that irk me.

    1. Thanks Feve, I hadn’t realised about the interactive story. I’ll certainly take a look. I also read lots of mysteries especially crime etc. The sex is rarely good, but it it is I’m always really pleased.

  2. I see your point Feve. I was always annoyed, when I worked at a bookstore in my younger days that Outlander never made it out of the romance section into the historical fiction section. At least put it in both? I see a lot of sex in Sci Fi written by men, and it never leaves the Sci Fi section. Maybe it’s because women spend more time on the relationships, and that pushes it over the edge? Grrr

    Anyhow, I agree, Julie. More stories need to be written with older characters. Many older couples in their 50s are just finding or re-finding their sex lives now that kids are gone, and erotica needs to fill that need. I think we too often try to sell what we think people want, perfect young folk who can bend like pretzels and formulaic stories.

    They sell…but only because they are the only choice. I prefer to read about characters more like myself, too. While the characters in a few of my stories are even older, I’m sort of bucking the system. I feel there is a place for them, and I want to crack that ageist glass ceiling in erotica.

    Maybe you should join me?

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