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Only strong women need apply?

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The No True Way prompt for this week is about the idea that submissives are strong independent women seeking a release. “Submission appeals to responsible, hard working and independent women, because it takes them to a world free from those pressures

This statement reminds me of a lot of the erotic fiction books out there. Billionaire Dominant meets poor but hardworking, independent submissive. Often she has no idea she is submissive, but our hero teaches her too understand who she is and to rely on him just a little. I’ll be writing about this in my A-Z Challenge in a few days, so I’ll leave that there. But it certainly reminds me.

I guess I am those things

Strong minded and independent, I work hard when I have a job to do and can pretty much function on my own. Of course I’m also a submissive woman who has chosen to pursue that way of life and is happily living with my Dominant Master. However the two things are not necessarily linked. Even if they are that isn’t the whole story by a long shot. You see there would need to be some kind of causal link, like that to be a submissive you need to be a hardworking woman. Or that submission by its nature helps free you from the pressures of life.

I’d suggest it is social conditioning that moulds women into the stereotype strong and hardworking. Certainly my own adult life has made both those things necessary to survive. I don’t however think they are linked to my submission.

Submissives come in all shapes and sizes

Not to mention different genders. There is no one size fits all for submissives, just as there isn’t for dominants. I’d hazard a bet that there are as many differences within the submissive community as similarities. The desire to submit comes from within and you need the opportunity to explore that element of self to find it. But the path each submissive takes will be different as will the type of D/s life they inhabit.

Our 24/7 dynamic definitely isn’t for everyone. Just as I struggled when our M/s was mainly a weekend, bedroom thing. What makes our relationship special is what it means to us. I’ll grant it does give me freedom that I hadn’t expected to find, but it is freedom from the regular me as much as the pressurised me.

My life has changed since I became Master’s slave and for the better. I’ve learned to worry less about conforming to dictated norms and instead to trust him to guide us to the right place.

4 thoughts on “Only strong women need apply?”

  1. Oh, don’t even get me started on those books and stories! I look forward to reading that post.
    I agree, there are so many shapes and sizes to d/s or any relationship similar to that.

    Thank you!

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