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Blogging A-Z 2021: Being sexy in your 50’s

Being sexy is all about attitude, not body type. It’s a state of mind.

Amisha Patel

Being sexy is never about body type, nor is it about age. But the world would definitely prefer you to hide your body away if you are fat or old, or of course both. It won’t surprise anyone who has ever read any of my posts before to know that I have spent my 50’s feeling sexy and showing my body. Despite the struggles I have with my weight I have carried on doing it anyway.

Body and sex positivity are things I discovered later in life, mainly through this blog. By visiting other sites and discovering so many wonderful people sharing their lives and fantasies through writing and imagery. I have developed a confidence I never knew possible. Very few people have knocked me back and those that have were trolls. Instead I found a community of people willing to help and support each other in celebrating the human form. Whatever their age or body type.


What better way of sharing thoughts and ideas and exuding sexiness than to join in with the many memes currently out there. Every Sunday 20-30 people and more share sinful images of themselves and others. Creativity abounds and whether the photos contain the naked form or the tiniest piece of flesh you are sexiness is guaranteed. Many people, including myself have found the confidence to share something of themselves they never imagined possible. Other memes for sharing sexy images include Boob day and Lingerie is for Everyone.

But it isn’t just about photography, the written word can be just as sexy. Quote Quest, Lustitude and Erotic Journal Challenge are ready and waiting for link ups. the great thing is you can write about pretty much anything. I tend to write about my life and experiences, sometimes they are sexy and often they are not. But what they all have to be is sex, gender and body positive. That’s one of the reasons I link my posts up.

Having someone around to tell you that you are sexy helps

There is no doubt that Master has been a big influence on helping me feel sexy. He even manages it when I feel at my least attractive. I know I am lucky to have him and that others aren’t so fortunate. But it is worth celebrating that he loves me as I am and finds me sexy as hell. There are plenty of times I doubt myself, but I try not to doubt him. Because I know he wouldn’t say so if he didn’t actually believe it. But much more to come. Tomorrow I’ll be talking about Cancer.

4 thoughts on “Blogging A-Z 2021: Being sexy in your 50’s”

  1. Claps It wasn’t till I was much older (mid 30s?) that i became more comfortable with my own body. Growing up there was an immense pressure to be slim, tall, pretty, have flowing hair and flawless skin. It was terrible.

    i’m a lot happier now – even tho I’m doing the SAME THINGS I DID BACK THEN, this time round its for ME to feel good and happy about myself, and not for the sake of conforming to societal standards!

    I wear the clothes I love, i do a ton of research before picking up any skin care product (I go for cruelty free brands), and I’m eating healthier because of how it makes me feel (more energetic, less sluggish) and to protect my heart and vital organs. NOT because all the other girls say so!

    and the by product of all that is confidence. And confidence is incredibly sexy. 🙂

  2. Being sexy is, indeed, very much a state of mind. I have met people of every age and body type that exude a sense of sexiness. It seems to be made up of a mix of confidence, style, and charisma. Some days I have that, but certainly not all.

    That’s a beautiful set! I love the color!

    (And thanks for the mention.)

  3. Gorgeous lingerie!

    I don’t think a lot about myself in terms of ‘sexy’ so I’m not too certain how that has (or has not) changed over time… I do know that as I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten much more comfortable in my own skin. That comfortable-ness comes across to others, I think, as confidence. And I absolutely believe confidence is sexy!

  4. Wonderful post, beautifully put and totally agreed on every point you make … your posts are always inspirational and motivational and I am looking forward to reading you all the way to Z !!!

    Xxx – K

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