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A weekend in a chastity belt: Part 1 The Gift

A chastity belt.

This erotic fantasy story is part of a series of posts about female chastity and chastity belts. You can find the others here.

The gift

“I have a present for you,” He smiled as he held the large package out to me. I’d barely arrived at Master’s house for the weekend and I was still holding my weekend bag. “Here, let’s swap”. He took the bag and I held the package in my hands. I busied myself with prising open the tape at the top and then peered inside before putting my hand in and pulling out a silicone lined metal contraption. It was a chastity belt.

I lifted my head and found myself staring, mouth open into his grinning face. We’d talked about this, but I never believed he would go through with it. “Except when you are bathing or I am using you for my pleasure, you will wear this all weekend. Is that understood girl?

“Yes Master” I replied while my head spun with thoughts of what wearing such an item for a prolonged period would mean.

He took the bag which had held the device from me and pulled out a silicone dildo and anal plug. Was this a present or some kind of punishment device? It wasn’t clear at that point, however my cunt was already spasming from the very idea. I felt my face flush.

“I can see you are already aroused girl, I suggest we go get you ready”. He nodded for me to lead the way up the stairs into the Master bedroom and he followed carrying my bag and the toys. “strip off” he said and “then we’ll get this fitted”. As I unbuttoned my blouse to reveal my ample tits (no underwear allowed), he reached forward and grabbed one in his hand, leaned in and sucked my jewelled nipple. He reached under my short skirt and ran a finger along my slick cunt, pressing against my clit. “Good girl” he smiled. Slipping my blouse and skirt off, I folded them and he took them from me. As I had suspected, there would be no personal clothing for me this weekend.

The fitting

In the 6 months since I’d met Master we had had some amazing adventures together, both vanilla and kinky. My favourite times though were those when we could be alone together to explore our dynamic. Currently we were preparing for my collaring ceremony when I would agree to become His permanently. There would be no turning back, I knew that.

Now I stood naked before him, my legs apart and hands behind my head. I met his eyes as he approached with the chastity belt now unlocked and open. It took a few minutes before he worked out exactly how it needed to go and adjusted it to my waist. I think we’ll try it with the little dildo first he said applying lube to it. He pushed the phalanx into my cunt gently and then secured the band between my legs to the waist band, clicked it into place and locked it with a key.

Immediately I felt my juices begin to flow around the dildo, it filled me and was already causing my cunt to spasm. Next he attached cuffs to my wrists and ankles, and attached a leash to my training collar. This small leather band had a little hook specially for the purpose. “Come” he said. “Let’s eat before we have some fun”.

At his feet

He had prepared a simple meal of quiche and various salads. One of the things that had first attracted me to him was his culinary skills as we met when a friend brought me along to a dinner party he was holding. Our attraction to each other was evident from that night and my desire to submit to him almost overwhelming.

Tonight he pointed to a cushion on the floor and I gingerly got onto my knees before sitting carefully up on the soft, blue square. I settled my knees to one side and nodded when he asked if I was comfortable. Incredibly, I was. I was becoming used to the belt already even though it pressed between the lips of my pussy and right onto my swollen clit. The dildo wasn’t large, but I was constantly aware of its presence.

He touched my head and I looked up. He offered a napkin and a glass of water. Next he began to feed me small pieces of food from a fork. During our meal, we talked about the events of the week. Work, my trip to visit my mum and sister and his evening out with friends at a local munch. That I was naked at his feet and he seated fully clothed at the table did not feel strange. This was part of a ritual we were building, a sign of what our future life together would be like.

The chastity belt was another of those steps. Something we had planned together, because though I am his slave nothing so far has been without my agreement. Going forward that may well change depending on the contract decided upon. But this was my choice and one I was making willingly.


Later that evening he played with me. Firstly while wearing the chastity belt and then he removed it. He spent much of the time keeping me on the edge of an orgasm. My nipples were clamped, my limbs restrained and the wand applied to thin strip separating my pussy lips. Finally, just when I thought I could’t hold my orgasm in any longer I was instructed to suck Master’s cock while he released the clamps. My nipples burned painfully and I allowed my mind to drift off so that I didn’t come. “Suck girl” he said gently sucking on my nipples to help ease the pain. “Concentrate, don’t drift off yet” I focused on his cock, the taste and the feel of it filling my mouth, stretching it as it grew to its full width. He pulled away.

“Time for your prize my beautiful one” He crouched over me and unlocked the belt, easing it away from my skin. He also undid the restraints on my ankles. He stroked my body gently and then pushed his cock in where the dildo had rested for the past several hours. Master’s dick stretched me wide and I arched my back up towards him and gripped his hips with my knees. His fingers stroked my engorged clit and he told me to come.

The release came quickly, as if he had pressed a switch and my body began to shake. My cunt closed further around his cock and moments later he shot is load into me. I thanked him for my orgasm as was required, but provided eagerly.

We lay together, me not moving, he stroking my back and bottom. “You are one hell of a fuck, girl even more so when you’ve been kept on the brink for hours”

“Thank you Master” I murmured.

“I don’t think we should wait any longer, lets get our contract finished off. I want to collar you on Sunday” My eyes shot open and I looked up into his eyes. Mine filled with tears at the thought, but what about the people we’d invited in a few weeks time? Reading my thoughts he murmured, “I’ve been thinking about this all week and have invited everyone along this Sunday. You’ll wear the chastity belt until I collar you and then I will remove it in front of everyone”

“Wow!” I said, “That will make some statement”.

What do you say? He asked. I wasn’t sure I had a choice or not. But the idea thrilled me and so I nodded and told him I would be delighted.

But that meant we only had one day to prepare.

To be continued.

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