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The myths and the reality of being a slave

Me wearing my collar and tag. I'm also wearing a blue shirt

What’s it like to be a slave and live in a 24/7 Master / slave relationship? What are the realities and what are the myths? That’s the topic I’m covering for this week’s Erotic Journal Challenge.

The first myth of Master / slave relationships is probably the idea that the slave would be subservient to others. Master demands my respect through actions and deeds as well as my agreement. But it is to him alone I will kneel. I’m always respectful of other people’s relationships and know the rules of a venue when we are out in the kink world but I’m not calling anyone other than my Master sir or master. If I were to go with another person it would be negotiated and consented to.

The next myth might be that one M/s relationship is the same as another. That a slave is a slave and that’s it. But of course since I am a slave to Master alone, I am uniquely his. He set the parameters of how he wanted our relationship to be and I’m pretty sure it’s different to everyone else. Just as no two marriages are the same, so my M/s is different from the next slave’s.

The interesting thing of course is that to an outsider there is nothing unusual about this relationship. If you called round to our house you couldn’t particularly tell I was Master’s slave. We lead a normal everyday time of life. I wear his collar and cuff, but that’s the only external sign you’re likely to see. I don’t walk round naked all day and I don’t kneel at his feet unless he particularly asks me to. If you walked into our play room you might find a few things you weren’t expecting; the fucking machines, the swing, the toys!

When I say this is a 24/7 thing, I mean it. It’s not a role I am playing here, nor is he. This is our life. Of course, as I’ve said above most of the time you wouldn’t notice the M/s or kink element. But it is always there. I am girl to him and he is Master. Though to be fair he calls me girl more than I call him Master. My collar stays on all the time, I rarely take it off. It is a constant reminder if I need one.

Being a slave and being a Dominant take effort and sometimes it’s harder than at other times. This last year has been particularly difficult as it has for many. There are no clubs to go to and they had become our outlet. There are no munches and that’s where we go to meet like minded people. The desire to submit doesn’t go away but I have struggled to release it. Just as he has found it difficult to exert his dominance over me. I guess that’s the reality of life. For the myths I tend to read a book or some online erotica. That’s what its there for!

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  1. You have pointed out the most important myth, I think…that there is one way to do this…and the most important reality…that all relationships are different. Ours is much the same, in that no one outside of it would ever know there was a D/s component. I think that is probably common.

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