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Mind over body

Books on the shelves - part of our living and dining room

When I was looking for fun and excitement and then later on a man to dominate me, I turned to internet chat rooms. Those places were full of people who had an over inflated opinion of themselves, who portrayed themselves as some kind of adonis. With a huge cock obviously. The men that I was attracted to though were the ones who I could hold a decent conversation with. I don’t mind starting and ending with sex but in the middle I need a little more substance. Yep, mind over body wins for me.

“Give me words that make my mind curl before my toes.”— Rachel Wolchin

There is going to be a certain arrogance in what I say next. But I believe it to be true. A complete mismatch in levels of intelligence between two people won’t make for the happiest long term relationship. Especially when one of the parties has an inferiority complex. When they constantly tell you that they don’t know what you see in them because they are less educated and less intelligent than you. Sadly, in the end you start to agree with them, well I did anyway. Of course there were many other problems, but that was one of them.

A thirst for knowledge goes a long way in my book and indeed a lot of books helps too. I’m always very interested in the types of books people read and what is contained on the shelves in their house. My ex was against bookshelves, he thought they made the place look cluttered. So I put the shelves in the spare bedroom. People visiting me might have thought we had few books, just the ones piled on the coffee table. But they would have been wrong. My son also had an extensive collection, a thirst for knowledge and a desire to hold the real thing in his hands.

Sadly he lives in a tiny flat and he and his wife keep very few actual books there. But they both read constantly, they just consume more digital versions. They are well matched in many ways and that includes intellectual level. Unfortunately my son has a bit of an inferiority complex that he inherited from his dad. But he has both his wife and me telling him he is wrong to doubt himself. He knows it deep down too. But back to me and of course to Master.

This house has more books in it than some town libraries. The owner of the house has an insatiable desire to consume information, to be frank it can be tiring just watching him. He told me once that he stopped believing the things people told him at an early age. Instead he has to find the answers for himself. There is definitely a bit of a mismatch between us and he may be more intelligent than me but my two degrees tell me that it isn’t by much. You see, what I lack in compulsive reading I have compensated for by learning through doing.

My work has required me to acquire a lot of knowledge, some of it through reading, but a lot of it by observation; seeing and listening. I have the confidence now to use others to feed me information. If of course the source can be trusted which in the main it can. Except when it comes to opinion rather than fact, and then I reserve the right to decide for myself what I believe. Even if I sometimes choose to keep those beliefs to myself.

I was definitely attracted to Master through the conversations we had online at the beginning. A good balance of creative online scening and chatting about a wide range of topics. When I met him and listened rather than spoke I liked what I found. An intelligent man with a wide range of knowledge and also a pretty decent sized cock. All bases covered. I’ve not been disappointed in our life together as regular readers will know.

When I arrived there were more books on the floor than on the shelves, or it certainly felt that way. Thankfully that’s changed and the shelves have multiplied. My own books sit in my office where they have their own shelves and space. I have no problem that mine are out of the way, I can read or browse any of them throughout the house.

Our home is one of thought and reading, when a book doesn’t contain the information it is found elsewhere. Over dinner we often discuss information either or both of us have gleaned or remembered during the day. We may have been in the same house all day but we tend not to spend it all in each other’s company. That makes for a more interesting evening. Unlike life with my ex, the TV does not have to be on all the time. I used to hate that it was a background to our lives. Now we choose what to watch and know how to turn the thing off. Life is definitely better with thoughtful words and beautiful music and I for one am happy with what I have.


4 thoughts on “Mind over body”

  1. I love books too. Always have.definitely something I got from my parents who were and remain voracious readers but I know that for some people reading is hard work and therefore not fun and not a great way for them to consume information. I could easily be describing my son in fact but I also know that he has a very interesting mind. For me I think it is about passion as opposed to intelligence… someone being passionate about their passions is sexy.


    1. Yes, I was trying to get that across in my post, but perhaps not as successfully as I thought. I think it is the passion too.

  2. I do enjoy reading books, that’s waned a bit this year but that isn’t true for everyone in this house, they much prefer getting their enjoyment elsewhere and I like that we aren’t both the same.

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