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This storm is passing

A tree in blossom, taken from below.
Photo by Arno Smit on Unsplash

I knew The Barefoot sub was starting a meme, Mindful Moments but somehow it’s birth passed me by and so this is my first post linked to it. This post, This storm is passing, will I hope be the first of many.

As March draws to a close I feel more positive than I have done in a long time. Not only because spring is now here, or because the days are getting longer. But because the storm of Covid (as least here in the UK) is definitely passing. Life is nowhere near back to normal, I haven’t had my hair cut since October, haven’t had a swim since November or have I been in any decent shops. Everything is pretty much still closed down.

But for all that this whole year so far has been one of lockdown there have been many positives already. I have started a job back with old colleagues and I’m loving it. While it’s temporary to help them during a difficult time, it was what I needed. When all days are the same, it is hard to feel there is much purpose to life. This work has been at times challenging, especially while I regained my stamina, but it has also been very fulfilling. Plus the pay is good and with no where to spend it, I’m saving. That means when we can do things and travel again I will have the money to spend.

Suddenly too my brain is in gear to lose some weight. Granted it took the shock of the scales and the realisation that I’ve put on a stone over the past year. But this kind of thing is as much about the mind is at is the body. I’m never going to be slim, but to be able to fit into my summer clothes when the time arrives would be good.

The swimming pool should reopen in 3 weeks, all being well. Swimming is the main thing I have missed this lockdown. I love the feeling of propelling myself through the water. I love that I can exercise without too much thought or effort. It’s my time for doing something without the desire to over think.

I’m looking forward too to going to our local pub, all be it in the garden (probably wearing a coat and scarf). Chatting to the staff and some of the regulars. I can’t wait to see my son and daughter in law more regularly and in the not too distant future eating dinner with them. Perhaps in a restaurant.

I’ve had my first covid vaccine, we both have. My second is on the horizon too, the same week as things start to open. Perhaps that’s an omen.

The storm of covid has been a difficult one to endure. It’s not over yet but a long way. But it is passing and just as every day gets longer at the moment, so I feel my mood rising. Yes, this storm is definitely passing.

2 thoughts on “This storm is passing”

  1. It is great to see so many wonderful things happening for you. I hadn’t considered how each day can look pretty much the same which then eats away at hope for the future. And your change in routine, while exhausting, has also brought pleasure now and a little nest egg for your future travels. For WHEN we are able to get exploring again.

    Thank you for linking up N x

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