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Seen but not heard

Image by philm1310 from Pixabay

A submissive knows that they should learn to control their tongue when annoyed with their dominant“.

This week’s prompt for No True Way strikes something of a cord with me. Anyone who knows me would laugh at the very idea I could keep my mouth shut about anything and with anyone. I’m an extrovert and I am opinionated. Sometimes I go on so much I tire myself out and give myself a headache.

It might surprise people to know that I have changed somewhat over the past 7 years. Just like the fact I pick my fights I have also learnt a bit more when it is wise to shut up.

Master is pretty hard to win an argument with. He tends to have a lot of knowledge about quite a few things. The man spends far to much time reading stuff. Whereas I tend to dip in at a fairly superficial level and then move on. Unless it’s a topic I’m particularly interested in or it relates to my work or something. So there tends to come a point when I’m out of my depth. There was a time when I really tended to keep on like a dog with a bone. It is my natural instinct but over time I’ve stopped doing that.

Part of the reason is maturity. Time had taught me this among other things. I try not to get quite so stressed about little things as I used to. But the third thing definitely relates to my role as his submissive. His word on quite a few things is final. He makes that clear and so unless I feel massively passionately or determined to show he is wrong I button it. Walk away from the confrontation. If I ask where we are going or what we are going to be doing, and he tells me to wait and see, then there is no point in bothering to keep on asking. I would lose my voice before I got anything out of him.

Being respectful of the fact I have agreed to be his slave and that I wear his collar is something that I do think about. Of course, there are times when I am off on one before it occurs to me. But in the main I do try to control and be seen, but not heard at least some of the time.

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