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Thinking about sex

Image by John Ip from Pixabay

Brigit Delaney has relaunched her Erotic Journal Challenge meme. Making it a little more specific and also back to weekly. I’m keen to pick up on the challenge to write more and to make some of those posts more journal like in nature. This week’s prompt is about sex – What’s right and wrong with our sex life and how might we improve it. So, thinking about sex…

Winter and Lockdown

Winter is always a tricky time for us and our sex life. We both suffer from seasonally affective disorder to a greater or lesser degree. If anything he more than me. Add to that my generally lower libido and the fact we have been in lockdown in the UK for at least 7 of the past 12 months, it might not surprise people to know that we aren’t having much sex.

Much of our sex takes place in the mornings, physically that’s the better time for Master. I am equivocal over time of day, though on balance would favour night times if not too tired. Traditionally weekend mornings were our time because I was working and then when I wasn’t we migrated to any morning. Now though I am back working again and am up earlier. At weekends I am often tired and so there lies the problem (or multiple problems).

Usually we travel multiple times a year. Whether for short breaks or longer holidays. Staying in different places, hotels or apartments often provide opportunities for sex that we don’t perhaps take up at home. I’m not sure why sex in a hotel room appeals so much, but it often does. A bigger bed, a lovely bath, a big window to parade in front of and get him horny. All help to liven up our sex lives. Those things just haven’t been able to happen.

Spring and Summer

The solution to this dearth of sex might lie in the changing seasons. Plus a gradual release of lockdown. Hopefully within a month we’ll be able to do more things and by May can hopefully stay in a hotel again. Or if we are lucky a private dungeon or something. The longer days, warmer weather and more opportunities to go places will certainly help.

I have two weeks off work on the horizon and so should be less tired. Then after that I am just going to work 3 days a week. That too should help.

Plus hopefully our libidos will return and we will make time for sex and some bedroom fun. I’m certainly hopeful that will be the case!

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