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The corset

I had planned to take lots of new photos this February for Photofest. But Master has been going through his old photos and found a number never to have been seen here before. Some of which I don’t think I’ve had sight of. One such image is this, the corset.

Me wearing `an under bust corset. My nipples are pierced and you can see the creases under my tummy, just above the pubes.

In 2015/16 I lost a lot of weight and got to my lightest weight in a long time (before or since). I’m fairly sure this was taken during that time. I bought this beautiful corset in celebration but have rarely been able to wear it since. These days I doubt it could look half as good.

But 2.5 (ish) years on from my mastectomy I find it less problematic to share photos of me with two breasts rather than one. Not that I mind sharing the one I have, since I have nothing not to be proud of.

I do aspire to get that figure back though and I will have to gather some energy for the hard work that will be involved in doing so.

Meanwhile I am celebrating this beautiful image of me in the corset.

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