Beautiful moments

A warmer, brighter weekend has brought thoughts of summer. Plus the urge to look through previously unused photos for Photofest.

Yesterday’s image, where something appeared in my album last summer but definitely wasn’t taken then caused another search. The two photos below were taken on that same journey, but in Spain.

It was a slightly sultry but cloudy day when we climbed Montségur. The track up was quite strenuous, but it was thankfully cool at the top (hence the sweatshirt). For these beautiful moments I think two images are warranted. Something with the view from the top of the castle and also some fun we managed to have while there.

At the end of a wooden landing looking over the view at Montsegur. I'm fully clothed in cropped trousers and a purpled sweatshirt.
I'm bending over in an alcove. Trousers around my thighs

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