I am standing naked. I don't look happy, but I might have just woken up and been tired. I'm standing with my hips facing the bed and Master's feet are between my hips. It's a hotel room, but I don't know where or when it was taken.

I look grumpy, hence the title of this post. More likely though I am tired after a light night. I can’t work out when or where it was taken, but I’m obviously not alone. Let’s hope whatever followed this photo being taken put a smile on my face. We can only hope!

*Update – I should have checked with the photographer! This was taken in August 2019 on our journey through Spain after 5 weeks in France. No reason to be grumpy, but probably quite tired!

5 thoughts on “Mrs Grumpy”

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  2. I wouldn’t say you looked grumpy, just serious between camera shots. But I can definitely relate, I am a very tired and grumpy bear myself at the moment.

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