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I'm spread out naked on the bed Arms up and legs spread. Probably waiting for something or perhaps just lounging.

Last summer when we were away in France there was lots of time for lounging. In bed, on the sofa, on a sun bed……you know the kind of thing. This is another image taken in one of our apartment rentals (hence the mixture of bed linen you see me lying on). Funnily enough it was taken during a part of the holiday when we were very busy. Decorating and repairing damage caused by a year of absence from the property. But we still found time to lounge around and to have lots and lots of fun.

This was taken at the same time as this one. For a moment I thought it was the same, but it isn’t. So yay!

It feels a distant memory. Not just because we were in a different country. Or because it was summer and it’s still winter at the moment. But because I haven’t done much lounging around lately.

I’m loving my new job and the work I’ve been asked to do. It’s making me feel useful as I tick off tasks that they haven’t been able to do during the whole covid crisis. But I am missing my lie ins and just lounging around for the sake of it. It’s funny what you miss when you don’t have the time for it. Because before I started work I was getting a bit bored just sitting around. So, go figure. Anyway I hope to do more of the above some time later this year. Mean time I’ll just keep dreaming….

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