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Growing and changing as we grow older

A picture of my face and neck. I'm wearing dangly earrings and a necklace with little corsets on them.

The image above was taken on Valentines day, I’m wearing the gifts Master bought me. Look behind – He’s making coffee 😁

In my last 31 Days of Reflection post I looked back, in this I shall look forward. We came to this relationship in our middle age and we hope to carry it forward into old age.

At the beginning of the month we celebrated our 7th Anniversary. Master has spent quite a bit of the time that weekend and since looking back at what I wrote in those early days. How did I feel, what do I remember? He has sent my traffic booming. I’m lucky we can both look back at those days. But what does the future hold for us in terms of our M/s relationship?

The very fact that we want to continue on this pathway is testament to the our desire to grow and change. I have to admit last week’s post about the last 1, 5 and 10 years was quite enlightening. Even in 2020 we managed some growth, though admittedly we struggled. But maybe it taught us that life can be shorter than you imagine and that it’s important to take opportunities as they arise. Certainly too, Master seems keen we focus on the M/s elements of our relationship even if for the time being we have to do that from home.

Looking back at some of the photos that we have both taken over the years makes me hanker for greater fun in the times ahead. More trips to dungeon B&Bs, more time spent playing with the toys we have amassed and more time focusing on the specifics of our relationship. It is difficult to keep hold of the excitement you feel early in the relationship when everything was new. But it is fun to try and recapture some of the excitement.

That Master still insists on calling me this girl a lot of the time is telling. He is good at bringing me back to the realisation that I haven’t stopped being his slave. It is something I need reminding of from time to time. It’s important because it makes me think. Is this something I still want? So far the answer to that question is yes and I have no hesitation in saying that. I am committed to Master and to being the best slave I can be. Even though I struggle to feel particularly submissive at times.

The ageing process

This year I will be 59 and Master 61. We are still sad that we didn’t really get to celebrate his 60th last year. It really feels like a milestone that needs a party (even for 2). Hopefully when it is my turn next year we really can have some fun.

Over all we try to keep positive, to adapt and change while our bodies make it harder to keep doing things the way we used to. Flexibility is a big thing. By that I mean physically being able to move in the way we could, that and having time to recover. We get tired, our bodies sometimes creak and object. That’s one reason I almost never kneel, on the floor anyway. Our sex usually takes place in the morning, a time more conducive for Master’s body.

Our aim will be to keep as fit and healthy as possible so we can maintain our lifestyle and sex life for a long time to come. That will mean adapting what we do and when but I’m pretty confident we’ll still be at this into our 70’s and beyond. There seems no reason why not.

The past year has taught us some things

I think we all took for granted certain freedoms that we assumed we would always have. We were lucky that no one close to us died or became particularly unwell due to covid but the constant news about those who had was sobering. I don’t think we’ll be taking our life as we know or knew it for granted any time soon.

In future we may be a tad more spontaneous, given that so many planned events have been cancelled at short notice. Including at Christmas. We’ll travel when we can, eat out to make us happy and take walks that end with a beer in a pub garden. Hopefully we’ll start to be able to do those things again soon.

It seems unlikely that kink clubs will reopen any time soon. So we may well be seeking out over night stays in private dungeons etc. We tend to play in private anyway so that won’t be too much of a challenge. After so long at home, any trip out and away will be something of a bonus. Time to celebrate and enjoy life again is hopefully not too far away.

2 thoughts on “Growing and changing as we grow older”

  1. It seems to me that you are both lucky that you have each other. You have a kind and pleasant relationship in every sense. Take care of them and yourself too. I wish you many happy years of life. The jewelry is cute 🙂

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