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“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind” 

William Shakespeare

I’m a great believer in the idea that love shouldn’t be about looks or other external features, indeed over the years I’ve discovered that some very beautiful looking people can be quite horrible. Sadly the world is all about looks rather than actions. Thankfully I’ve arrived at a point in my life when I can ignore that kind of stuff and do as I wish. Or as we wish.

We met without even having seen a photo of each other. Our conversations had started off being about D/s and BDSM. But quickly we set about knowing each other in the fullest sense. Physically, emotionally and intellectually. There was a physical attraction, that was clear from that first afternoon 7 years ago. It was lustful and it was intense. So much so that we had a play date the next day and sex within a week or so. Love came later but had nothing to do with looks. Of course it came with all the hallmarks of new relationship energy, and we tapped into it with gusto. But we also pushed through some events that might have thrown us off course or even broke us up. Namely his other woman and my dad’s death.

Looking back though it was though difficulties that set us on course to the longevity this relationship now has. We still fancy each other, lust after each other even. But it is the little things, a gift and gesture a cup of coffee on a dark morning even if one of you has no need to be out of bed yet. Being willing to discuss any subject, challenging the status quo. Admitting you are wrong.

I can look back on my marriage and identify times and places where there was silence instead of discussion. But also confrontation when quiet understanding would have been better. It isn’t always easy but this time we both try to be just a little different. More tolerant. We want this love to last.

I don’t know if love is blind. But if you find good and happy love hand onto it. Embrace it and acknowledge it. If your lover tells you that you are beautiful. Believe them, they see you as no other does. Including yourself.

I am wearing a harness and nothing else under the shirt. you can see my breasts and rather large tummy as well as my bush and top of my legs.

7 thoughts on “Can love be blind?”

  1. I like this post. The photograph is most erotic.
    What comes up for me is the Imagery of “The Velveteen Rabbit”, of how the toy becomes real when the fur is lived off.

  2. Well, said, Julie. Sometimes, I think people take for granted what they have because it doesn’t have all the fireworks and bells and whistles they think it should. That dedication, quiet understanding, and connection is so much more important.

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