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Wayback When

Master has been sending me older images from his phone this week. Some of which I am pretty sure have never been shown here before. This is one of those.

I am wearing a harness to shape my breasts, a posture collar and short leather skirt. I look very pleased with myself.

My first thought about this photo is that I remember that I wore that (spanking) skirt on this occasion last January. It was of course taken when I had a full set of boobs and before we decorated this room. One of the reasons I’ve made it into a black and white photo is that the walls were a yellowy orange. Thankfully that is no longer the case.

But hey, look at my face, how happy I look. In fact I was going through some difficult personal times back then. But, it is amazing what the love and discipline of a good man can do. Coupled with a posture collar, harness and a spanking skirt.

Sometimes it’s good too look Wayback When, just to see what you can find.

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