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The Hood

“Don’t Worry About The Darkness In My Soul. It Ignites Me Like An Embered Coal.” – Anon

I guess you could approach this quote from a number of directions. The kinds of things we do together could be considered dark to some. Impact play, restraint or even my need and desire to submit and his to dominate. But in a more literal sense and given that Quote Quest and Kink of the Week are linked this week, let’s focus on the hood.

I am in a dungeon. Naked and on my knees. I am leashed and am wearing nipple clamps which you can see in the mirror beside me. I am also wearing a hood.

It’s been a while since this image was taken and also since I last wore a hood like this. But knowing Master he’ll take one look at this and set some plans in motion.

Wearing the Hood

There is something about darkness that I really like. Not being able to see what is happening makes me vulnerable, dependent upon him. That in itself is arousing, to us both I think. It makes me shut out other thoughts and to focus on the hear and now. What’s more, it heightens other senses. Of hearing, taste and smell. But in this context, especially of touch and pain.

On this occasion, within a dungeon setting, I am naked and at his mercy. He has applied clamps to my nipples and I await his next move. Perhaps Master will come up behind me and feel between my legs to see if I am aroused. Wet for him. Or maybe the next thing I will hear is the swish of the flogger just before it hits my bare ass. Whatever, I am living in the moment. Focused.

Focused on Master and how he wishes to use me, his slave. Time stands still, I listen for his footsteps, trying to work out if he is picking up an implement with which to strike me. Or for the sound of the wand as it buzzes into life. The need for some kind of release through pain or orgasm is ever present. Because just the knowledge that I am naked, on show for him, his play thing is almost enough.

But of course the control is his. I have no role in that element of proceedings. Instead I must wait, patiently for him. Nor am I allowed to ask, the presence of the hood tells me that my thoughts and advice are not necessarily needed. My role is to focus on being the slut he wants and to enjoy the sensations Master has decided I am to receive.

When I am wearing the hood there is not doubt in my mind. I know who and what I am and that is all that matters.

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