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Morning Coffee

“A morning coffee is my favorite way of starting the day, settling the nerves so that they don’t later fray.” – Marcia Carrington

It’s throwback Thursday on February Photofest, which gives me the opportunity to share an image from March 2018. In fact it was taken during Eroticon weekend, while I lounged in bed in our central London room.

I am lying in bed wearing a towelling robe. All you can see is my hands cup and breast framed by the robe.

I have fond memories of enjoying morning coffee that weekend and subsequently.

Because we tend to stay at the same hotel when we are in London. Just because we live close by doesn’t mean that we don’t take the opportunity to enjoy our time to the fullest. That often includes towelling robes and an in room coffee machine. Sadly it’s been nearly a year since we last stayed at that hotel. Though we did manage a few nights away in a country hotel last August for my birthday where similar facilities were available.

Coffee is my favourite morning drink.

But I do like it to be of good quality and to taste good. The machines you tend to get in hotels are fine, but not perfect. I’m pleased to say we actually get the best coffee at home. Because we have a bean to cup coffee machine, Master’s treat to himself a couple of years ago. Consequently I often just have one coffee in a day because it can’t really be bettered. The rest of the time I drink tea or water.

Exceptions include

Straight after my morning swim, a recovery period at the pool coffee shop and coffee and cake with a friend or my son. Though he hates coffee and drinks chai latte (something that I’ve tasted and equally hate). Right now though I’d take any drink, any place with anybody. I’ve just about had it with nothing being open.

I’d like to think that I will appreciate those hotel stays, coffee shop meet ups and other trips out all the more in the future. Because a part from the coffee or whatever we are drinking, there is the company, the chat and the people watching ability. I miss them all.

5 thoughts on “Morning Coffee”

  1. I think what we are missing is the collective energy of living. That buzz and humm of movement all around us. I miss it, too. And I look forward to getting back to all of those little things, like meeting friends for drinks and going out to eat.

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