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Onwards to February Photofest 2021

February Photofest 2021 badge

It’s been a lean month here on MPB, but that is about to change because tomorrow February Photofest 2021 starts. Firstly the excuses for my January performance.

Work, actual paid work (though I haven’t been paid yet). I’ve seen first hand the effect Covid is having on the health service. I haven’t needed to get close to any patients hospitalised with this dreadful virus to see the effects it has had on staff. Everyone is running on empty. Consequently I’ve been called in to do some work that should already have been completed, but unsurprisingly fell down the priority list. Consequently deadlines have been short and my working days long. But I’m getting acclimatised to the workload and am on top of it now. So hopefully I can get back to blogging. February Photofest 2021 should help that.

This is my 6th February Photofest (see the past year’s images here). Experience tells me that I shouldn’t promise a theme. Finding a photo for 28 consecutive days will be enough. I’ve got a new tripod and a blue tooth remote control so should be able to keep up. As usual I’m not starting with a month’s worth of images ready and waiting to post. On Thursday’s I will re-edit something from the past for Throwback Thursdays.

Join me here tomorrow!

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