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New Year Celebrations were pretty low key this year, but then to be honest we prefer them that way. Of course, the choice would have been nice, but stay home is the message and so of course that’s what we did.

It’s almost a year since the first ‘three week’ lockdown began. Back in March last year, I don’t think any of us expected that we’d still be in this place right now. But I am grateful that we remain well and are together. That we can find fun ways of breaking the monotony of staying at home quite so much.

This year at New Year we cooked a nice meal, we kept it deliberately light because we hadn’t eaten our Christmas pudding at that point. So, I cooked a lentil stew (which incidentally we finished off yesterday). Then we watched some New Year TV stuff and had a little bit too much bubbly. We finished off with some music and dancing in the living room. As you can see I got changed for this part of the evening. More happened afterwards, up in the bedroom, but there’s no photographic evidence of that.

What’s clear though, we do know how to celebrate our hopes for the new year!

Me wearing a lacy, see through dress with arms raised in celebration.

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6 thoughts on “Celebration”

  1. I love that you both have so much fun together. It is an inspiration! I think there is a very wrong interpretation out there that as we age and as our marriages age with us, the fun and sexiness goes with it. I think many of us are challenging that stereotype, which is healthy and necessary!

    That smile shows your happiness in the moment. I hope we all find more ways to celebrate our lives this year, even if it is just at home in our pretty lingerie, dancing in the living room!

  2. The smile on your face suggests that the holiday was a success. And although, to our regret, there is no photo report about the continuation, we hope that everything was successful there too 🙂

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