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My 2021 Goals

A diary, a tablet saying plan your year a pen and headphones.
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Last year I set out 7 goals for the year over two separate blog posts – here and here. Despite the way that 2020 turned out I actually managed to achieve many of those goals. But perhaps not to the extent I had wanted. So I plan to revisit those (most actually) that still need some attention.

Goal 1 – Use a planner

I loved the planner I bought last year, but there was almost too much room to complete plans, lists and outcomes. Great when I was busy at the beginning of the year, but a sea of white when I was locked in at home. This year I have bought a Circle Planner because it is more of a diary style. It still has plenty of space for planning but the fact it has dates will hopefully keep me on plan. I’m still going to use my Lux planner, but in a more generic way. Probably for planning out actual posts and other pieces of work.

Goal 2 – Be fitter and healthier

Damn I was getting to be both and had lost a stone in weight by the end of March. I was swimming and walking regularly and doing a bit of exercise at home when the mood took me. But somewhere during the spring I lost my desire to be bothered. We definitely drank too much wine, the pool was closed and my diet went off the rails. Especially intermittent fasting and cutting down on carbohydrates, both of which help.

The main reason I wanted to lose weight and get fitter was surgery. I expected to have had my breast reconstruction by now. Sadly because of the waves of coronavirus I don’t know if or when this will happen. Over the Christmas period I’ve thought about this a lot. I know I will feel better if I weigh less. Plus I also know that exercise is really good for me. I need it to keep my joints moving as they should and it is also good for stress and mental health in general.

So I am determined to get back to where I was as quickly as possible and to focus down on doing it for myself. Not for a procedure or because a doctor has told me.

Goal 3 – A new blog

The success of writing for my now year old blog Food, Fitness and Health matches exactly my failed attempt at being fitter and healthier. I lost all motivation for writing about health and fitness just as I started a meme. To be frank I’ve often been less interested in it than others and that’s an awful thing to admit.

Over Christmas I was toying with the idea of taking it down and just concentrating here. But actually I could do with the motivation I derived from my diary and other posts at the start of last year. So onwards I go.

I just have to factor in time for the posts and do a bit of planning around the meme and links to other sites. I’m definitely keeping this one in.

Goal 4 – Taking my blog to the next level content wise

For the first time ever I got paid for an article that I wrote in 2020. I would definitely like to do more and have the opportunity to pitch again. There have been aa few offers to write for other sites, but these need closer inspection. If it feels right then I will do it, but know that I’m unlikely ever to get rich writing adult content.

As I wrote in my review of the year, my blog was moderately successful. But I can only write the content I am inspired to write. What you see is what you get and to be truthful I’m happy with that.

Goal 5 – More fiction

This takes effort on my part, so it’s easy to see how I never got round to meeting this goal. There is some inspiration though and that has come from a new initiative run by Kayla and Molly called Obscene Ideas. I have downloaded a whole set of prompts and need to get on and use them. Hopefully during January Jumpstart if I can get my creative juices going.

Goal 6 – Get Divorced

This happened in April 2020 Now I’m thinking about getting married. But am not planning anything till this pandemic is done. I want a wedding with more than 10 mask wearing people present. I want hugs, laughter, dancing and lots of fun. 2022 perhaps.

Goal 7 – Make money

My savings are somewhat depleted and need replenishing. This is still the case. I gave money to my younger brother in 2020. His job disappeared and I was worried about him borrowing from my mum. I’ll never see the money again and feel a bit foolish for even thinking it might be a loan. So, despite doing very little all year, I still need a top up.

I’ve been lucky that my nursing qualification has provided me with work this past year. But while Test and Trace can be interesting, it can be extremely intense or else boring. You never know if the call will be answered or if people will engage. When they do it’s great, though can at times be sad. The money is pretty rubbish too.

I’ve been headhunted for and offered a part time job for a few months. It will be interesting, mean being part of a team and involve me using my brain. On the downside I’ll have to wear proper clothes and go out of the house. Though hopefully not every day. But I am excited to be working with some ex colleagues again and meeting a few new people.

Then when we can travel and do stuff again, I’ll have the money ready to enjoy myself.

4 thoughts on “My 2021 Goals”

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  2. I love the idea of using a scheduler. This allows you to better focus on your goals and not miss out on anything important. But here’s point 7 – money. He seems to be demanding to be moved slightly higher in this list, judging by the situation. I’m kidding, of course. 🙂

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