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Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021

Me wearing a dark red bra and pantie set.

This is part 2 of my round up of 2020. Part 1 is here. I intended to write this yesterday, but have to admit that I consumed too much fizzy wine saying goodbye to 2020! So my first post of 2021 is also my first for January Jumpstart. As you’ll see below, I was hardly prolific in the second part of the year. So, I definitely need something to spur me on.


While my blog has ebbed and flowed over the years I have rarely had doubts about what I was doing or why. But these seemed to creep in during July. Suddenly I had little to say and felt I was repeating myself. I wrote about this on 22nd. Having said that, there was suddenly more to do as we were released from the burdens of lockdown and began to go out more. I even took my mum away for a couple of days to the Norfolk coast.


The Blog Days of Summer, another initiative from the brilliant Violet Fawkes helped me regain my blogging mojo in August. I managed 13 posts. Freedom to be me was published on 3rd is one of my favourites from the year. I don’t really think I seriously considered this topic before. Since I am a pretty lucky and privileged person. But coronavirus restrictions, transphobia and the Black Lives Matter events made me think more seriously about freedom. To speak, to live as you wish, not to be discriminated against or persecuted.

On a brighter and lighter note spent a wonderful weekend in a hotel for my birthday which provided some brilliant photo opportunities. I always grateful to Molly for Sinful Sunday, because even if you have no words you can always share an image. These two – Birthday Treats and My Name is MPB and I am an Exhibitionist were taken a couple of days apart.


A lean month blogging wise with just 8 posts. This was a very busy month for us though. We managed to escape to France and were there the whole month. Being mindful of the risks of the virus we travelled down in 3 days. Stopping off at a lovely apartment with a hot tub for one night and then to stay with friends on the second. Arriving at our destination at 7pm at night we were devastated to discover a water leak in the bathroom. To make matters worse the wifi wasn’t working.

The next two weeks were spent in rented accommodation, while decorating and doing DIY at the apartment. We discovered that finding a plumber is easy, getting him to do and finish the work in a timely fashion isn’t. However there were definite positives to renting two different properties. Brilliant photo opportunities. Street View and On the Naughty Step were both taken at our lovely village house. I also managed to write some more reflective posts on kneeling and unlearning habits.


I Found My Forever Partner in my 50’s was one of only 8 posts written and published in October. But it really is one of my favourite posts ever as it comes from my heart. Being together, often cooped up inside has not changed any of my feelings for my man. My Master.

We spent a week travelling home and then two weeks in quarantine. Sad to say that Test and Trace (which I’ve been doing since June) was suddenly very busy. So I immersed myself in that. My Lingerie is for Everyone post, in which I shared an image of me in my new bra and pantie set definitely showed that I am a girl with attitude! Thank you to Violet for another brilliant initiative.


Erotic Blogging Month was an initiative set up and led by Brigit Delaney in November. Never one to turn down a challenge I joined in and wrote 13 posts. Luckily I also had plenty of holiday photos like this one left to share which helped things along no end. The concept that older women shouldn’t shave their pubic hair got my hackles up at the end of the month. My response was this post.


Lockdowns, Tier 2, 3 and 4 (we’ve been in them all) and working on Test and Trace have taken their toll on me. during December I took a deliberate break and didn’t post for 2 weeks. I even missed 2 Sinful Sundays in a row. I decided to put my laptop away when not working and read or listened to audiobooks or music instead. It definitely helped. A navel gazing post on 24th – Working out who my people are, should probably be the final word on this topic. Time to move on and embrace and welcome 2021.

In 2020 I wrote 87,781 words in 194 posts, which is hardly shabby. There was a significant drop in traffic which had consistently risen year on year. But there was a significant rise towards the end of the year, so people still visit. They also must read because 2020 saw more page / post views per visitor.

So, what for 2021? Stand by and I’ll tell you in my next post.

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  1. Good to see you writing again and feeling good about it – and you! Hoping this year will straighten itself. Good luck on all the plans and please keep writing when you can!

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