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A Look back on 2020 (Part 1)

Over the past few years I’ve enjoyed looking back over my blog to review the highs and lows. To see how many posts I’ve written, the topics and how I’ve interacted with the community. Although this is far from my best blogging year, looking back I can see there have been many positives. As I hope you’ll see.


I got off to a flying start with January Jumpstart and wrote 30 posts that month. This is something I plan to do again. A theme this year will be that somewhere around April / May my mojo completely left me. But of course in January we (luckily had no idea what the year held in store for us. Violet Fawkes is one of my favourite bloggers. Someone who gives so much to our community. I am proud that I’ll be supporting this initiative again.

That month I properly launched my new blog Food, Fitness and Health. This is also something I’ll pretty much have to do again since during the course of the year I struggled to think about the fitness and health elements. Food though, I could write about all day. Updates over there will follow soon.

My favourite image that month was this one: Sleeping Venus. Not just because I look so relaxed or that I received some great comments on the post. But also because it shows (to me) how much we have improved our living and dining room this year. All positive things.


For the 5th year (though not in a row) I joined in with February Photofest and actually managed 37 posts that month. My I was on a roll! I have every intention of joining in again with this initiative run by Molly and have already started to think about my theme.

On 1st February we celebrated our 6th Anniversary together. I kickstarted the photofest with an image taken a few weeks before at a kink Christmas party. One of my most poignant posts was a letter to my son on his birthday.


The month started with promise and excitement. But as the days ticked by, the year almost ground to a halt there and then. In the end there were 18 posts, which considering how busy we were in the first half and shocked in the second seems pretty good. I had been feeling pretty good too, I’d lost a stone in weight since Christmas and was looking forward to breast reconstruction surgery.

The highlight of the month turned out to be our trip to the Hoxton Dungeon. Our packed Eroticon weekend turned out still to be busy, but sadly without Eroticon taking place. It was our last trip to London until this month. We managed to fit in a visit to the London Alternative Market just before the city went into Tier 4 lockdown. Including a trip to Honest Burger. Such simple things have become an amazing treat.


Needing some inspiration to keep writing I once again joined in with Blogging A-Z for the 5th time. I’m not sure if I’ll do it again, but since I said I wouldn’t in 2019, never say never. I used my archives to find posts for the month. I did reasonably well since I posted 29 times.

Sadly what was then known as the Sex blogging community hit the skids in April and I still feel sad that I felt the need to write this and other related posts. Though I have no regrets in writing what I did or standing up for the things I thought were right.

Small Luxuries became a special thing and this is one of my favourite images for April.


May is often a quiet month. I tend to lose momentum after such a busy start to the blogging year. 2020 was that and more; only 10 posts. On 18th I wrote about how my blogging mojo was missing. I’m pretty much still looking for it.

On a more positive note, the weather during spring was good and finally on 31st May we got out for a lovely walk and picnic. I took the opportunity with this image to join in with the Scavenger Hunt now owned and run by Bee.


I used Every Damn Day in June to rekindle my blogging mojo, which some success since I wrote 15 posts. Thanks once again to Hyacinth. I am most proud of this piece of fiction, inspired by @sexblogofsorts. I do hope she will write again in the future too. Mind you I really hope to write some more erotic fiction in the not too distant future. Two new memes hit the blogosphere this month: Quote Quest and No True Way. They have been absolute blogging life savers for the second part of the year. Thanks to LSB and Lily for starting and running them both so well.

July to December follows tomorrow and will link here.

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