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Nothing to do with age!

This week’s No True Way is about pubic hair and whether they should be shaved or not. But the statement, which Lily saw on social media has my blood boiling. Whether you shave your pubic hair or not should have nothing to do with age. Nor should it be about gender or sex. Who are these people that think it’s ok to tell us what to do based on our age.

“Ladies, if you’re 40 and up you should not shave your pussy bald!”

There are people out there who think that people over a certain age shouldn’t wear jeans or wear a skirt too far above the knee or indeed shouldn’t have their hair too long. I say rubbish. None of those things are to do with your age. If you want to do something and are comfortable with it then who are the under 40’s (or whichever age group) to tell us otherwise.

To shave or not to shave

Unshaven pubes have nothing to do with age

I’ve never been a massive fan of shaving my pubes. This was the case when I was in my 30s and is so now. Shaving makes you itchy and you damn well have to do it near on every day. Well you do if you are me, because I grow a lot of dark hair around my pubes. I’ve tended to use depilatory cream and then finish off with a razor. But in the main I’ve stuck to the stray hair that grows at the top of my legs and my labia. No man wants to get a mouth full of hair when they are giving pleasure, I’m sure.

When I met S he demanded I remove my pubic hair. I was approaching 50 and it never occurred to me that I shouldn’t do it because of my age. Rather I was quite thrilled by the idea. Odd really because I had resisted with my husband at the time. But I was in the throws of an exciting new relationship. My first foray into power exchange. So I complied and for the next 2 years I found myself following a hair removal regime. In fairness, since it was a LDR the pattern was intermittent. And that suited me.

When I met Master I discovered that not all Doms are in favour of baldness. He likes at least a ‘landing strip’. Over time I’ve become increasingly lax with this element of my self care. It has nothing to do with age and more to do with laziness. Especially in winter.

I know that many subs have rituals such as hair removal to follow, thankfully I am excused that particular chore. But if he wanted then I would do it.

People need to mind their own business

When it comes to instructing older people about what they should and shouldn’t do people should attend to their own lives. I wouldn’t tell a 20 year old they should only wear heels and they shouldn’t tell me my shoes should be flat. Jeans are for anyone who wishes to wear them and hair length is up to the individual.

If you are a friend or partner you can tell me you don’t think a dress style or colour suits me. But don’t make it about age! I most certainly won’t buy it. Keep your ageist views to yourself.

4 thoughts on “Nothing to do with age!”

  1. I think shaving your hair is a matter of preference for everyone. And everyone is able to decide for himself what to do. And this is not a question of age, because in our hearts we are all the same girls and boys.

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