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It was an unexpected pleasure that we stayed in some amazing properties while in France. Unintended and expensive. But definitely a pleasure.

This photo is unedited by me (he may have done so before sending it to me) because it shows I am up on the mezzanine floor. I’m sitting at a desk, though it could easily be a piano. I love my posture and that I look poised for something. Not quite sure what.

8 thoughts on “Poised”

  1. My first thought was that you were playing piano, too. It’s great when you get a shot like this that makes you look a little closer at the details to see if you’ve actually seen what you think you did.

  2. Piano. This was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the photo. There, even the music stand is visible from above. You shouldn’t have written about the table 🙁

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