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A sense of fear

This week’s prompt for No True Way relates to this newsletter that provides strategies for a play scene. One of which is creating a sense of fear to heighten the nervous system response of the submissive. It goes on to suggest restraint and sensory deprivation to help this to happen. It seems a nice idea. Trouble is, restraint, gagging and a blindfold make me less fearful not more.

Indeed, if you want to give me a sense of fear then make me watch the implement being chosen. Make me watch too as Master lifts his arm and brings the evil thing down upon me. Let me see see the violet wand as it touches my skin, lighting up the room. Plus the crackle it makes as sparks indicate contact. Actually no, don’t do those things because I’ll be jumpy and I won’t allow my brain into the right space to enjoy the moment.

I’m not the kind of person who is in touch with their submissive self all of the time. There was a time when I felt that I was, but looking back it was mainly because this was so new to me. It was exciting and I spent a lot of time thinking about my submission. I was also experiencing new things, most weeks. There was a clear demarkation too between my life as Master’s submissive and the rest of my life. This has blurred because my life with him is just life with him. Fun and interesting as well as the process of just living.

In order to get into my submissive state these days I need to be relaxed and happy. Not fearful. I trust Master both implicitly and explicitly and think that if he used fear as a means of trying to help my submission it would have the opposite effect. So I am happy to use a blindfold, to be restrained or whatever he decides to do. But he does those things because he knows it doesn’t make me fearful and does enhance my submission. Not the other way around.

2 thoughts on “A sense of fear”

  1. I find that fascinating!
    The total opposite of me. Knowing what will happen and what will be used on me calms me more that nit knowing.
    Thank you für your perspective!

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