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There is something very appealing about posing naked as a table or footstool while my Master rests a cup or his feet upon me. His very own personalised, human furniture. My posture would be perfect and I’d hold my pose, not for minutes but hours, if needed. This fantasy speaks to the submissive side of me that I want to see and feel daily. Because if I am able to be his inanimate object I can also be the obedient slave rather than the unruly brat I am often accused of being.

Providing service is my role in our relationship, in reality mainly sexual. But also there are elements of humiliation such as crouching and allowing him to pee on me. So acting as a human toilet. Funnily enough I would only find that humiliating if others were present. Perhaps too, that is how it would be if I were able to strike the pose as his footstool.

Perhaps the most alluring possibility would be acting as a huge serving platter. Lying prone, arms and legs in a starfish shape, eyes steadfast to the ceiling. Then beautiful, tasty canapés placed all over my body, to tempt Master and his guests. Lying still would be extra hard, because I know that he would want to brush his fingers between my legs and over my breasts as he reached for a bitesized treat. Again doing that for him alone would be fun, but not so embarrassing. but imagine lying there while people mingled sipping champagne and eating food that had rested against my flesh moments before.

Of course the reality is I would never keep the required pose, kneeling or lying dow for long. Plus there are no events for this to happen at. I find it difficult enough to keep my mouth shut for a prolonged period, let alone act as a footstool. But that doesn’t mean I can’t dream and imagine it couldn’t or wouldn’t work. Being Master’s human furniture is something I aspire to.

That is the beauty of fantasies. In your mind they are the true real thing.

5 thoughts on “Part of the furniture”

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  2. “Plus there are no events for this to happen at.”

    Maybe when this is all over we need to plan a small kinky event for a group of us where we can all indulge in the random little group kinky things we have wanted to do?


  3. Funnily enough I was discussing nyotaimori the other day when writing my post but I think I’m still too much of a fidget for that let alone keep still as a piece of furniture.

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