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Writing more in November

The past months have bee pretty lean times at MPB. It isn’t unusual for me to run out of steam after an enthusiastic start to a blogging year. But this year I have struggled more than usual (for reasons we all know). But rather than waiting till January and a new year, I’m going to be writing more, much more in November. If I can I’ll write every day. What’s more, I’m going to try to up the sex, erotica and kink levels. Thankfully there are two month long memes around to help me along.

Brigit Delaney has stepped up with Erotic Blog Posting Month (EROBLOPOMO for short) and to help that along she is also sharing 30 dirty questions, 1 each day. Not to be outdone, Lily Avir is running her own November Meme: Never Have I ever November. I plan to join in with both as often as I can.

During the month of November I will be using a variety of my own thoughts and ideas, the usual meme prompts as well as Brigit’s questions and some of those from Obscene Ideas. For the first time in ages I will be getting out my planner and trying to put to put together something of a plan for 30 days of posting.

To kick off, I’m taking the first ‘Dirty Question’: How do you define awesome sex? (What makes sex great…better than good?)

Me on the balcony in Slovenia. I have a dress on but it is undone at the front and hangs open showing my breasts, tummy and thighs.
Good sex often starts with some brazen exhibitionism. He needs little encouragement to take it further.

We’ve been having a lot of sex lately. It may have been a summer thing because we were both definitely off our game before that. Most of the sex is satisfying. That is, it meets his, my and our needs and makes us feel good. But what sex is better than that and have we had much of it lately?

Awesome sex would probably be something spontaneous, different from the norm. I’ve written a lot about our normal sex, which is usually in the mornings in our own bed. Sometimes it takes being in a different environment when we’ve maybe had a little to drink (but not too much) and allow lust to take hold. Great sex for me is when we both orgasm, whether that’s spontaneous or electronically assisted. I know he likes me to come, but menopause related stuff has made that less frequent. To be honest I’m not always worried, but great sex and orgasms do go together. Better than good sex also often involves some element of kink. When he restrains me it gets us both going and if I am dressed up for him in leather or lace that turns him on a lot. A good spanking does us both a world of good and can be excellent foreplay!

When you have been together a while, live together and spend most of your time together it isn’t always easy to keep things fresh. Thankfully Master has a good imagination and seems to spend quite a bit of time thinking planning what he wants to do with and to me. It doesn’t always work out, but very often it really does.

Here’s to writing more in November. See who else is joining in by clicking the links below.

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