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Making money from a sex blog

Someone holding several £20 notes

Wanking is only two letters away from working

Amy Norton

I didn’t start this blog to make money from it, which is really just as well. So far in 8 years I’ve earned £30 for an article and about £9 in royalties from two anthologies. But then again I haven’t exactly tried hard. It is perfectly possible to earn money from writing about sex, kink and related stuff. But it is certainly not easy, it takes time and a lot of effort. But for me, making money was never my main aim.

I started the blog to document my life as a new kinkster

For a woman in her late 40’s I was incredibly naive about sex. I’ve written many times about my decision to explore sex and kink outside of my marriage. I guess you could describe it as a bit of a midlife crisis. But as they say, I regret nothing and it has led me to the place I inhabit today.

I still write about my relationship, but on the whole there is less new stuff to write about. But you’d expect that when people have been together for 6.5 years. I have also written about our adventures (visits to dungeons, clubs and fun outdoors to name but 3). We have lots of toys and I have occasionally written toy reviews but I’m not really into doing that, even if money were involved. My erotic fiction writing is not developed, though I’ve published a few stories. I don’t see myself pitching erotic fiction, for one I am quite short on ideas.

Memes and writing prompts

I wouldn’t say our kink life is massively full on. Sex has been really good over the summer and that has been satisfying. But I find that there are only so many ways to write about the same kind of thing. There are currently no opportunities to meet like minded people at clubs etc. as I mentioned in my last post. But maybe we can find ourself a kinky B&B to stay in sometime soon. We were talking about that yesterday. Dungeon reviews are popular on the blog and I’d like to write more. For fun of course and because I like to encourage others to explore that side of themselves.

There aren’t so many memes to join in with right now. Plus, no disrespect to anyone but the topics are repetitive. It’s just the way of this kind of media. But that won’t actually stop me, repetition or not. I even moan about writing about the same topics several times and then do it anyway. I like to write here. I’d like to write more fiction, but non fiction is easier. Maybe I need to push myself.

So I’ve bought and downloaded the 31 days of erotic fiction from Molly and Kayla’s new project Obscene Ideas. I’ve just got to get around to deciding which one to start with and what to write.

Paid work gets in the way

I don’t need tot earn too much money each month to make ends meet. I’m lucky, firstly I have my work pension, secondly I have savings and thirdly I’m a bit of a kept woman. But I do like to feel that I can spend money if I want and my savings are a bit depleted. As I’ve mentioned I wanted to do something to help during the pandemic, and now find myself working for the beleaguered test and trace service. Before you say anything my bit is part of the NHS and not a private service. But to be honest, spending several hours in front of a screen puts me off spending many more writing. Speaking to people on the phone about their symptoms and other aspects of their illness is tiring. So, my blog has been suffering.

As November and the dark afternoons and evenings approach I’ve decided to try a bit harder and write some more. Even if they are shorter posts, or pictures, or wild ideas or whatever. I’m going to join in with Brigit Delaney’s Erotic Blog Posting Month or EROBLOPOMO 2020 – now how exciting is that? Where possible I’ll be using the Obscene Ideas prompts to help me along.

I guess the title of this blog is misleading. I’m not, nor will I ever make money from this or any blog. I don’t have the stamina or the ideas. Nor really do I have the desire or need. This is my fun project, my way of talking about my life and documenting my way through it. If you came here looking for ideas about how to make money, then perhaps I’ve given you a few. Meanwhile I expect others taking part in this week’s quote quest will be able to provide better advice. Click below.

5 thoughts on “Making money from a sex blog”

  1. I think the obscene ideas is a great way to get through EROBLOPOMO! I was looking at that, too. And I’m excited to have you on board! (Thanks for mentioning it!) I agree, memes can be tough because there IS a lot of repetition. And I can only write about sex in so many ways. I don’t do nearly as many memes these days, but when I do, I try to see the topic from a different perspective or use a different genre. Instead, I’ve really moved to more of a diary style…just writing about my life (which is how I started, come to think of it). And, like you, I will probably never make money from my blog. Maybe someday, when I am retired and can devote more time an energy. But for now, my space is more about my own self care.i guess we are always evolving, yes. So we should never run out of things to say, but it can definitely be a challenge to keep going with this gig.

  2. I will probably never get rich off my blog either… My one blog was started to create an audience for someday my book… and the other just to document all the fun sexy times I was having while traveling… the best part to come from it is how many wonderful other bloggers i have connected with and able to be part of this community. 🙂

  3. I never started my blog with the intention of making money – it happens to be a bonus of it and has allowed me to be able to fund Eroticon for example. IThe biggest thing I am thankful for is it has allowed me to find a space for me, in a community, where I am accepted for who I am and for that, I will always be grateful for my blog.

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