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Taking your kink into a public place

Me wearing a dog mask.
Me wearing a dog mask.
I couldn’t find a suitable image to go with this so this is me wearing a dog mask / hood.

I saw the tweet referred to in the No True Way prompt. Someone walking behind another who is leashed and crawling into a supermarket. I have also witnessed something similar in a UK DIY shop. To be frank the act itself doesn’t shock me, after all I’ve seen people being led around on leads. I’ve crawled around leashed myself. But taking this kind of kink into a public place like a supermarket really is not ok. For a number of reasons.


No doubt the person doing the crawling consented to being leached and crawling around like an animal. But the other customers certainly didn’t consent to seeing their scene played out. I know that when I was standing in the paint aisle of B&Q I was certainly uncomfortable seeing a man being led around by his Domme. Who incidentally was kitted out in a skimpy leather outfit. There’s a time and a place and it isn’t the paint or wall paper aisle.

Humiliation and degradation

In the past I consented to doing some humiliating things in public. But looking back they were tame in comparison. I’ve worn heels that are beyond anything comfortable, a short skirt and no knickers while in a supermarket. But while I felt exposed I’m pretty sure no one could see anything. My then Dom S was massively into that kind of thing and I certainly got off on it. I once wore a dog collar and leach in some woods, but to be frank we never saw another soul. But this post has made me consider whether I’d be up for doing that another time and maybe I wouldn’t.

Time and place

Sadly you’d be hard pressed to find a safe place to fulfil this kind of kink in a public place in the UK right now. Usually there are loads of clubs that run events where people can safely play out their fantasies to their hearts content. At the moment all private adult clubs are closed and even fetish markets have had to exist outside or online. It’s a frustrating time to be a kinkster. In the main you can only play in the comfort of your own home or hire somewhere like this on a private basis.

Of course that doesn’t necessary hit the spot if your kink is to be seen by others doing things that might humiliate others. I have the utmost sympathy for people in this position. I’m most definitely missing meeting up with friends and other like minded people at my favourite kink events. For goodness sake I haven’t even been able to go to a munch since March. But I think we’ll have to be patient and do our stuff in private.

Calling people out

Someone took the photo seen on Twitter and posted it. I wonder if they sought consent before doing so? Mind you people may say that if you lead someone around on a leash you deserve to be humiliated yourself. But I’m not so sure. What might be better is to go up and actually ask the people involved what they are doing and to stop it. But knowing human behaviour that would involve being brave. Posting on twitter is an easy option and then loads can pile in and offer up their own opinion. Of course I can’t say much because I didn’t call out the people in B&Q. Maybe though I would another time. I’m older and have thought about this most than I had on that day. I wonder what others think?

5 thoughts on “Taking your kink into a public place”

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  2. Thank you for participating.
    Your post made me wonder how I’d react, if I’d see such open display of kink.
    I don’t think I’d speak up. But then again, I guess it depends on the circumstances and who I’m with.


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