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A girl with attitude

When Master was editing this image, he said he thought I looked pretty bratty. I replied that I had been posing with attitude. I’ve always had my sassy, attitude laden side and being someone’s slave has done nothing to dampen that. Of course, Master has done little to correct it either. He couldn’t call me bratty if I actually wasn’t.

But, there is a serious side to this post. I asked Master to take some photos yesterday of my new lovely lingerie, a matching set even. I loved this set when I saw it on the Nicola Jane website and decided I had to have it. If there is one thing I’ve learned over the past two years it’s to treat myself to underwear that looks good and is comfortable. I’m pleased to say that these fit the bill nicely.

Breast Cancer Awareness

It is two years this last week since my mastectomy. If things had gone to plan I’d be under the knife again about now having a reconstruction. Of course events of this year have put paid to that idea and I’m now wondering about having it done at all. I don’t like not having two breasts and I really would like something of a normal body back. But of course it will never be as it was, a reconstructed breast looks nothing like a real one. At the moment though there is no decision to be made as very few people are getting the surgery done unless it is an immediate reconstruction. So, I intend to invest in more sets like this one and make myself look and feel good wearing them.

This is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Ironic that I had my own mastectomy during that month 2 years ago. You can find out more about breast cancer, about the awareness month and wear it pink day on 23rd October here. Remember, check your breasts regularly and haves a mammogram if called. You can read my article about breast cancer and my individual journey on the Godemiche website. My posts on the topic are here.

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I'm standing hands on hips wearing a maroon bra and pantie set. There cream embroidery around the tip of the bra and at the sides of the pants. I'm looking sassy and have attitude.

10 thoughts on “A girl with attitude”

  1. I love your attitude, bratty or not! And what a gorgeous set – I love to see you feeling great, and please know you have my support no matter what you choose to do re: reconstruction. I think you look phenomenal as is, but what matters is how YOU feel. xoxo P.S. the site looks great

  2. You look good. And the truth is a little defiant. But that’s not even bad. This image suits you. Lingerie is really beautiful and seems comfortable, which is also important.
    Yes, and the second photo looks much better.

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