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Guest Editor

October prompt week for Sinful Sunday is about asking someone else to edit your image. Most of my photos are taken by Master, sometimes he edits them and other times I do. So, I decided it might be time for a guest editor.

The image was taken just outside a town in the French Pyrenees. We stopped beside the road there for our picnic lunch. Much to the amusement of those driving home for or back from their own lunch. By the time we packed up, the road was much quieter, so I slipped off my top and Master took this photo.

I put out a call on Twitter and @SilverDomUK stepped up to the fray. As you may know Silver Dom used to share fabulous images on his blog until forced to shut down. I met him at Eroticon last year and got myself a lovely hug and chat. So, I knew he would be a great person to trust with my image. Of course, he didn’t disappoint.

Me topless in the French Pyrenees wearing pink shorts. The background is black and white.

I like the way he has highlighted me, or rather my pink shorts. I certainly stand out more, than I did in the original.

For my own edit, I was tempted to cut out everything below my chest, because I’m not really happy with my French holiday tummy. But decided to be brave and just crop my feet off. Otherwise I’ve left everything un changed, because I really love the background.

Me, topless by the roadside in the French Pyrenees. I'm wearing pink shorts
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7 thoughts on “Guest Editor”

  1. I like your job better. In the top picture, you are of course more highlighted, but the background that looks behind it looks like earth after a fire. Sorry for the association.

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