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Setting priorities

The September Erotic Journal prompt is about priorities and how we set them. Brigit has used a great quote from Stephen Covey, someone I’ve long admired in my leadership readings.

The key is not to prioritise what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.

September is traditionally a time to rethink priorities in life. It’s the time school restarts and people return from summer holidays. The seasons are changing and thoughts turn to autumn and eventually the festive season. Maybe too, it is a time when we reassess our relationships and think about the things we need to do to improve them.

As I said in my last post about our mornings, my life is a little different right now. In the main we are in the business of shutting out the outside world. Of ignoring the ongoing covid catastrophe. But as they say, all things must come to an end and sadly this idealic situation will too.

The season here in France is changing too, but thankfully the weather cools more slowly and the evenings are lighter later. When we return home we will be forced to immerse into full blown autumn. Our biggest challenge will be to retain this good feeling and to continue to enjoy our rejuvenated sex life. For me I feel this is going to be important. The doom and gloom of life at home in the UK, of newly imposed restrictions on life will be quite a mood depressant. We will need to focus on ourselves and structure our days so we don’t get caught up in the gloom.

I’ve lost my way when it comes to health and fitness and that will be one of my first priorities. I’ll need to find online programmes / videos to help with the fitness element because of quarantine. But once I can get back to swimming I know that will lift my spirits. Updating my Food, Fitness and Health website regularly will be a big priority.

Work is likely to continue and is getting busier, so hopefully that will keep me occupied. But one thing I know is that I won’t let it over take my other activities. We can work up to 48 hours a week, but my days of doing that are over. 16-20 are sufficient.

I am also getting ready to make big changes to my MPB site. I plan for these to be completed by the end of October. A big challenge but one I am keen to fulfil. In addition I want to start to write more again. Having no wifi and being really busy over recent weeks has made this challenging. But once I’m back in my little office and surrounded by my things again I’ll be making it a priority.

So there you have it a schedule of my priorities which also links to the plans I reaffirmed recently.

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2 thoughts on “Setting priorities”

  1. It seems many are re-imagining their writing spaces right now, and I’m glad to see all the changes. We never stop growing and adapting…even in times such as these…maybe even moreso in times such as these. It’s like some sort of strange hibernation or detox, both a bit painful and a bit re-orienting.

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