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My name is MPB and I am an exhibitionist

I’ve always been something of an exhibitionist, but until relatively recently it didn’t involve me having my photo taken, kickers down in a field.

Thank goodness! It was more that I wanted to be the centre of attention. A real, look at me Leo type. It’s almost as if I can’t help myself. I would tell myself not to draw attention to myself, not to be the one to ask questions or give an opinion. But I digress.

My exhibitionist self emerged during 2012. It only took a matter of weeks between meeting S and strutting around half naked for the world to see. Thankfully it wasn’t actually watching. Though, of course, part of me wished it was.

It’s really only through this blog (and two dominant partners) that I have recognised this about myself. Both encouraged me to embrace showing my body to them and to others that may be passing. Indeed it is the thought of those who could be around that gets me off.

There have been far too few opportunities this year for Master to take images like this. But a couple of weekends ago the weather and location lent themselves to a photo opportunity. As far as I know, no one saw my bum other than Master, but if they did I do hope it made their day!

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10 thoughts on “My name is MPB and I am an exhibitionist”

  1. I related to so much of what you wrote here. I also found my exhibitionism through my dominant partner. It was almost as if he gave me permission to show my self and allow him and others to appreciate my body. Curves and all. Being without a dominant partner now, it is interesting and fun to find myself still enjoying this part of me.

  2. I love how at first glance this is all about the landscape and then you realise there are other things to see

    And yes like you I have only discovered my exhibitionist streak in later life but I love it


  3. It’s funny isn’t it, all this extra time at home to explore and yet we still haven’t taken many images!

    I’ve linked you up and you’re now silver so feel free to use the next badge ?

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