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There are no categories or tags beginning with Y. It occurs to me I might not be labelling posts all that well. Something perhaps to rectify. For today’s post I have decided to recap on this week through the years from 2012 until this week to see how my life has changed.


This week in 2012 I was preparing to see S for the second time. The plan was for me to visit him on the south coast. For this I took a days holiday from work so we could spend time together and told my husband I was at a conference.

S was into dressing up and role play. So in advance of the trip I bought a maid’s outfit, which I’d arrive wearing. The trip took place in early May and my posts on 28th and 29th outline the plans we have put in place. The anticipation is pretty much palpable. What is also clear is that I was already up for following instructions, this was something very new for me.


By April 2013 my life had somewhat changed. My ex had found out about S at the end of November and was still trying to sort his head out. On 28th April he was away. When I wrote the post I believed he was with a male friend, but that turned out to be a lie. He was already seeing his then partner. I’ve always found this deceit to be odd since he didn’t need to lie.

I was still seeing S but had also begun to join Meet Up groups and to branch out a little on my own. My confidence was growing. As I added at the end of last year, S was already pushing me away and was helping me to prepare for the future. The following week I took my first solo trip, to Florence.


My relationship with S ended at the end of 2013 and by April 2014 I was seeing my now Master. My nipples and clitoral hood were pierced this week in 2014 and in this post from April 27th I describe the process and my feelings around it. I was already Master’s property and was settling into my role as his submissive. The big problem though was his possessive and very jealous slave.

Reading my post from 30th, I recognise my mood swings as being part of a time of uncertainty. Master was about to leave to visit his slave and she was anxious about the effect our relationship was having on theirs. It turned out that she was right to worry, but it would take a few more months to come to a head.


Today in 2015 I wrote about ‘Gold’ for Kink of the Week. Being peed on or else peeing on another person was something new to me when I met Master. As I say in this post, from the start he watched me pee in the toilet then soon after asked me to do so in the shower. This post shows I was pretty unsure of this as a kink. I’d say it still isn’t mine but I do know that he gets a massive thrill from it. Though like a lot of things it isn’t a frequent occurence.

On 27th I wrote about ‘Letting go’, which is about my ability to let go of the day to day stresses of life when we are together. The effect letting myself drift back into my submission had such a freeing effect on me.


This was the year of my first A-Z. My Y that year was Yours. I looked back to the first few weeks of our relationship and pondered my reasons for getting involved. After all he had another slave and I was meant to be secondary partner. A recognition of my neediness but also that something was obviously missing from Master’s life. Quite a poignant post.

X was for Xanadu and X rated. I really rather love the poem quoted. In the X-rated part I wrote about my impressions of Tumblr. Oh how things have changed.


As is often the case I was in A-Z catch up mode this week in 2017. We were away for the weekend on 30th when I wrote about Vagismus and Weekends. I thought at the time that I might be suffering from vagismus as I was having a lot of pain, dryness and great difficulty in having PIV sex. In hindsight these were all menopause related issues and they resolved once I stopped worrying about them so much.

Soon before this post I managed to accidentally delete my blog and I have just added in the photos that got lost during that time. Many posts from early 2017 are either missing and lost or corrupt in some way. Moral is that you should get someone else to move your blog to a new host if you don’t know how to yourself. Also that you should never do anything important in blog admin while in a pub drinking wine!


For Kind of the Week on 30th I wrote about Feet. It’s strange that I like my feet touched now, but in the past hated it. I also love to be bear footed and often walk around the house that way. As for the A-Z, well I was catching up Y and Z on 30th – You, Zabaglione and Zelous!

I observed that Master reads everything I write and has done from the beginning and that we are a community of bloggers. I dedicated that part of the post anyone who visits and comments. I also said I’d do my best to stay away from drama. I do need to follow my own advice.


Last year on 29th April I wrote about YKINMK (Your Kink Is Not My Kink) and of course YKIOK (Your Kink Is OK). I love to write about our relationship and am only too aware that ours is unique and different from others. Recent events suggest that it isn’t just kink that we need to think of unique to ourselves. Respect is the greatest gift we can bestow on each other and I hope there will be more of that going forward.

A whistle stop tour through 8 years of my life and blog.

#AtoZChallenge 2020 Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter Y


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