How do you know if you are kinky? How do you know that your needs are not vanilla? I guess you don’t unless you discover kink. Which around 8 years ago, I did.

My first experience of anal sex happened on my very first night with S. It was planned, because I’d been getting ready for that moment. But it also was something of an epiphany. I hadn’t actually realised I was kinky until I was.

By the time I met Master I was definitely kinky. My sexual experiences over the preceding 18 months proved so. Nothing that has happened since has persuaded me that there is much of a way back to vanilla once you have experienced kink.

Our sex is about our power exchange, but also it is about doing things that I don’t think are vanilla. Wearing clothing or items such as collars and harnesses. My willingness to try things that are a fetish, for example piss play. That humiliation and degradation are things that get me off. Being willing to call myself a slut and give him the power to be my owner and Master.

But my kink isn’t necessarily your kink, just as my relationship isn’t yours. I know I and we are fortunate that we can freely practice our kinks. That we not only have equipment at home but can also hire out private dungeons etc.

For much of my life I knew there was something missing, but didn’t know what it was. Now I have found it and find myself more fulfilled than thought possible. I’m glad I discovered kink when I did and that it’s become such a big part of my life.