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Happy birthday to you

Like for most (if not everyone) this has been another week of crap. But I do feel for my own Birthday Boy Master more than myself and most. This week was his birthday. A special, landmark kind of birthday.

Now he isn’t one for parties or making a fuss. But he decided (after much consideration) what he wanted to do. Booked it up and paid for it. We should have spent last weekend in Budapest at a spa hotel. Instead, like for most we were home.

I tried to make Master’s actual birthday special, but I know that it wasn’t what he wanted. I bought a few ‘lockin’ type gifts and cooled his chosen meal. Later in the week we got into the bath and enjoyed a bottle of birthday Prosecco.

He is holding a champagne glass in front of his head. but the way he holds it you can tell he is happily enjoying.

I left part of the cistern in the shot because you can see my foot and know I was there too.

My way of saying happy 60th birthday to my lovely man. My Master xxxxx

12 thoughts on “Happy birthday to you”

  1. Happy Birthday, Old Boy! (that’s what they say in England ‘old boy’ right) 60 is a milestone indeed, I was there 15 years ago, and you are only as old as you think, and I don’t think you think old. Looks like you had a nice spa day even if it wasn’t in Budapest.

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