For the Health of it

There’s a new meme in town. Not sex, kink or relationship focused. But health related. I started my new blog, Food, Fitness and Health in November 2019 and now I am launching a meme. Full details are available here. It goes live at midnight tonight.

The first prompt is Physical Health. I’ll be writing about my breast cancer and how that diagnosis made me think about my health in a way I hadn’t before. Please join in. You know you want to.

The link will be open from midnight tonight until 12.00 midday on 8th March (UK time).

Lazy Sunday Morning

I’m out of new and original photos for February Photofest. So, some effort will be required to generate the 6 photos needed to make it to the finish line. Make that 5, because I snapped this image of myself enjoying my lazy Sunday morning in bed.

A photo of my left breast. I'm lying in bed relaxing. You can see my shoulder, breast and the bedcover. I'm wearing a horseshoe shaped jewel in my nipple.