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Showing some leg

Me in a pair of lacy tights. Lifting my leg up you can see my heel and sole as well as my left leg and thigh. Plus a little of my right leg.

There was a time in my life that I owned many pairs of stockings. Sheer, lined, fancy patterns, fishnets. In 2012 got myself involved with a man who had something of a fetish for stockings, preferably attached to suspenders. He loved me to show my legs and much more. He also liked me in heels even though they made me much taller than him.

At work I usually wore dresses and with those, tights (pantyhose). If I wore stockings it was most likely to be because they were the ones without holes. I rarely wore heels, they are uncomfortable and make me too tall.

When I met Master he was more interested in me naked or wearing some kind of kink wear than in stockings and heels. This was something of a relief as while I like the look of them on me I do prefer comfort. Stockings are something of a faff, especially as they are often too short for my legs.

Fast track to today. I rarely wear a dress or skirt. Not working has affected the elements of the wardrobe I wear. If I wear tights they will likely be opaque. The last time I wore stockings, was to a kink event, they were black sheer. Worn more to keep my legs warm, though they set my outfit off nicely.

This morning I went in search of fishnet stockings for this post. I was pretty sure I didn’t have any in my sock / tight drawer. After drawing a blank in two shops I decided that it was too wet and cold to look further. Plus I was on my way home from swimming and hadn’t yet had coffee.

So I searched the drawer and found these tights. Then slipped on some rarely worn heels and even if I say so myself my legs do look pretty good. Indeed, I should show more of my legs. I really do need to equip myself with more stockings and occasionally get my heels out of the box under the bed.

Fishnets is the prompt for Wicked Wednesday and this is the closest I could manage. Click below to see who else is participating.

9 thoughts on “Showing some leg”

  1. I am in a similar situation. My Beloved has a “thing” for heels and nylons so I have so many that I have two tote bags full. In the past few years I haven’t worn my heels or the nylons as much and was looking for a creative way to repurpose the nylons. I’m not sure if I will get back to those days of dressing sexy.
    I think you did great with your photo and “we” should try to wear the heels and nylons more often 🙂

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  3. I loved this Julie – I relate so much to the comfort versus feeling/looking sexy tug of war. I adore heels but nowadays they make me nervous that my knees will give, so I am weaning myself off them … still I love to flaunt myself in these items for the photo memes.
    You look awesome here, the heels and the hosiery – I love lace tights almost as much as fishnet and I have the same moan as Gemmi72.

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