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SoSS 2020 – 3

So, we’re already a week through February and so far so good with my fortnightly #SoSS posts! My reading this last couple of weeks has been varied and there have also been the February Photofest posts to keep up with. I’ll devote the #SoSS to them – there will be some fabulous ones to choose from.

I’m loving May More’s new meme Life Matters has been devoted to food over the past few weeks. There have been some extremely thought provoking posts linked up. This makes me realise that my new meme on Food, Fitness and Health should be able to pick up where May leaves off. I am having some artwork done for the site and once that’s ready, then I’ll be ready to launch. So watch this space. Meantime, in this post Posy Churchgate describes how she had to learn to eat again after surgery. I can identify with the changes she has made to her diet following my own cancer diagnosis.

This week’s Wicked Wednesday produced a number of posts about how others help you to be the person you are. This post by Isabelle Lauren, however, focuses on the way in which the sex blogging and writing community have helped her develop and blossom as a writer. As I read her words I found myself nodding along because I know the same is true for me. I love how supportive and encouraging people are. I’m pretty sure this doesn’t happen in all writing genres.

Purple Gem’s post about little gem’s video surprise had me smiling and then laughing out loud as I watched her toy review preparations. Purple Gem’s description of What Happened Next is extremely hot. I love their writing and photography. They obviously have a lot of fun and I’m so glad they are such active members of this community.

I’ve mentioned before that the female chastity posts I have written over the years are the most viewed on this blog. There seems to be a huge appetite for this topic. So, I was pleased when Cara said on Twitter that she was planning to write some female chastity erotica. This post is just so erotic, I absolutely love it. She is a wonderful writer and I am so pleased that she is back writing more regularly.

This post by Molly More lifted my heart this week. It is great to gradually learn more about her relationship with The Charmer. It feels that Molly is on the cusp of realising some of her long held desires to have a MFM threesome. I have to admit that if I was offered the chance of a threesome that’s what I’d chose too. Exciting too is that The Charmer seems to be just as excited at the prospect as Molly. The whole piece, giving more insight into their relationship is just wonderful.

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5 thoughts on “SoSS 2020 – 3”

  1. I am really looking forward to getting involved with your meme. Food is such an important topic to discuss and I have really enjoyed the posts bloggers, including yourself, have linked up to #FoodMatters the past few weeks

  2. Aww thank you for picking my piece. It is an exciting time and I feel blessed to have an opportunity to explore these things openly with someone

  3. Great #SoSS Julie, loved the variety here. I am delighted that my piece caught your eye and you shared it. I hope I can add to both yours and May’s food memes in a more cheery way too!

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